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A hundred years ago HK McCann set out to build something. He started with a point of view and a creative department and one client; a start up called Standard Oil. They did a good job building that brand, and they built another one called General Motors. And one called Coca Cola and Microsoft. In fact out of the hundred most lasting brands... Read more

Intervet/Merck Animal Health Intervet/Merck Animal Health Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, Forest Digital, Print, Internal Communication 2011
L'Oréal L'Oréal Paris, Cosmetics, hair care, colourants, styling, skincare, body care, suncare, men's skincare Cosmetics, Beauty Products & Perfumes Television & Cinema, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home, Radio 1973
L'Oréal Golden Limited Maybelline, Cosmetics Makeup Television, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 1973
London Live London Live TV/Radio Programs & Stations Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, Packaging, Branding & Design 2013
LV UK Insurance, Investments, Retirement Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance 2012
MasterCard International MasterCard Credit Cards Television & Cinema, Radio, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 1999
Microsoft Microsoft Games, Xbox, Xbox games Computer Software & Multimedia Productions Print 2001
Nature Valley Nature Valley Food Television, Digital, Print 2013
Nestlé Maggi, Docello, Channel Marketing, Chef, B2B Others 2002
Nestlé Maggi, Docello, Channel Marketing, Chef, B2B Others 2002
Nestlé Nesquik, Nesquik Fresh Coffee, Tea, Chocolate Drinks, Breakfast Drinks
Nestlé Nestle Dolci, Allegria, Milano, Viaggio., B2B Beverages 2002
Newsworks NMA Media, Publishing & Production Television, Print 2008
Premier Foods Sharwood's, Bisto, Loyd Grossman & Batchelors Food
Sabic B2B 2013