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Founded in: 1957


Employees: 280

Awards: 45

Clients: 36

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Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1195 - 5 andar Vila Olimpia, 5 e 6 andar
São Paulo São Paulo 04547-004
Phone: (+55) 11 3299-2999

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MullenLowe Brasil

Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1195 - 5 andar Vila Olimpia, 5 e 6 andar
São Paulo São Paulo 04547-004
Phone: (+55) 11 3299-2999

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About the Agency MullenLowe Brasil

Borghi/Lowe is a Brazilian advertising agency and its name, actually, is formed by two surnames: Borghi and Lowe. Lowe is one of the biggest advertising groups in the world. In Brazil, Lowe has been present for 55 years, building strong brands such as Renault, Johnson & Johnson, OMO and Rexona with memorable campaigns. Borghi, in turn, comes from José Henrique Borghi. One of the most awarded Brazilian creatives, who has a long history with great brands such as Fiat, Parmalat, Itaú, InBev, Microsoft, American Express, among others. In 2006, the structure and global vision of a multinational agency joined forces with the expertise and creativity of an independent and 100% Brazilian startup created by Zé Borghi. From this merger, Borghi/Lowe was born. 


English, Spanish, Portuguese
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

If you look closely at our fanpage, you will find the positioning of Borghi/Lowe: with bigness, without fussiness.

We are a big, high-standard agency, with everything you need from an advertising agency – modern tools, experienced staff, intelligent and differentiated solutions– but, at the same time, we have no fussiness or affectation, we cater for all kinds of accounts, we create according to the necessity of the brands, regardless of which they are, with simplicity, perfection and economy.

And we like to get closer to these brands, day after day. This proximity with our clients is so true that in recent years our biggest growth was within them, going from 15 brands from 10 clients to 25 brands from 14 clients. This, to us, is a sign of good partnerships. 

All the functioning, flexibility, agility and, most importantly, creativity that a modern account demands, we perform with excellence, working as a team, like a real football team. That is probably why the floor of the whole agency is covered with synthetic grass.

This is how our planning and our creative teams work, sitting literally side by side, creating all of our campaigns with deep strategic foundation. We have unique planning tools, which help in every stage of the process, from the identification of the opportunities, the problems, the challenges, to always reaching a result with consistence and coherence. And our campaigns end up gaining steam.

We like to create long roads, to be travelled with time, listening to good music on the radio, at every moment, straightening the relationship, creating experiences, everything with total integration. We like to transform our brands into loved brands. 


Network Description

Lowe and Partners is a global network of distinctive diverse agencies, rich in local culture with both intimacy and scale. We come together when and where you need us, as a nimble community of strategic and creative collaborators. Our clients call it ‘reach without compromise’.

We don’t think strategy is a black box. But we do think great solutions need great problems. So we focus on the problems more than most, to uncover the sharper opportunities. Then, using a very smart suite of tools, we apply a variety of processes to help get us to big, popular, enduring ideas. 

We have an abundance of talent in our network, spanning every communications discipline from advertising, digital, CRM, retail marketing, entertainment, interactive design, and more. We’re also proud of our great diversity and local cultural knowledge.

But every client is different, so rather than you fit us, we fit you. We hand pick the most relevant talent from around the globe to create bespoke teams or ‘Idea Communities’. Supported by contemporary communications, they collaborate seamlessly to transform our clients’ businesses. 

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