Press Releases - Havas London - Havas London Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2019 LONG LIVE THE LOCAL: BRITAIN’S BEER ALLIANCE REPRISES ITS PRO-PUB CAMPAIGN WITH HARD-HITTING, HALF-HOUR DOCUMENTARY WITH A DEVASTATING TWIST Pubs are the focal point of communities up and down the country and yet, under increasing financial pressures, three close their doors for good every single day. At what cost?

Long Live The Local, the campaign which aims to promote pubs and cut beer duty, returns today to celebrate the positive role that pubs play in our lives & communities – and with a stark warning of the threat facing this Great British institution.

In 2018, the Chancellor listened to the voices of 116,000 people who signed the Long Live the Local petition and almost 50,000 people who wrote to their MP about the planned increase in beer duty, and froze the tax at the budget. However, with a rise planned in the Autumn Budget, the Government has merely postponed the damaging tax hike.

With increasing financial pressures from a range of taxes, including VAT, business rates and beer duty, three local pubs close their doors for good every day. This is why Britain’s Beer Alliance – the cross-industry group comprising independent pubs, pub companies , breweries and industry bodies including The British Beer & Pub Association – is yet again calling for an end to ongoing rises to beer duty to help local pubs.

This latest installment of the campaign revolves around a 30-minute documentary telling the story of The Horns Lodge in South Chailey, East Sussex – a pub that acts as a perfect microcosm of the positive and vital role pubs play in their local communities up and down the country, but also the jeopardy they face.

In this film, its universal, more than 250-year-old story is told through its eclectic group of locals – and the multitude of experiences, life events and everyday moments they have shared in this pub. It is a heartwarming account of ‘the focal point of the village’ – and it is difficult to watch without developing an urge to drop in yourself.

The film is barely six minutes in as one regular describes the pub’s ubiquitous appeal at the heart of the local community: “If there’s a power cut, you head to the pub. If there’s a snowstorm, you head to the pub. If you’ve run out of anything, you head to the ----". The film stops in its tracks, the screen black, before a devastating image flashes onto the screen: The Horns Lodge, no longer full of life but decrepit, empty, and boarded up.

It is revealed that the pressures facing all pubs became too much for The Horns Lodge, which shut its doors for the final time on 1 January 2019. The local community, devastated by this loss, initially campaigned to try and buy the pub, but its future is uncertain and the pub remains empty and closed.

The documentary, unexpectedly cut short, mirrors the lifespan of the pub and the community around it. For the remaining 24 minutes of runtime, it remains frozen on a simple but hard-hitting message: ‘Three pubs a day close their doors for good. Sign the petition to cut beer tax’.

The documentary is complemented by three shorter films, each focusing on some of the important roles pubs play in society: for local communities (‘Saving pubs saves communities’), live music (‘Keeping pubs alive keeps music live’) and sport (‘Pubs keep the big game on the big screen’). The campaign also includes a content partnership with LADbible, paid social and digital activity, a consumer-facing PR campaign, an OOH poster campaign in football stadia and a politically-focused media campaign ahead of the Autumn Budget. In-pub kits, including branded posters, beer mats and badges, will be placed into 25,000 pubs which have pledged their support for the campaign.

All activity will drive consumers to sign a petition – at – saying no to the planned increase in beer duty, which will again be delivered to 10 Downing Street ahead of the Autumn Budget.

The campaign was devised by creative agency Havas London, with support from fellow Havas UK agencies Havas Media (media planning and buying), One Green Bean (PR) and Socialyse (social and influencer outreach). Film production was through Smuggler, with political insight and programme development through Hanover.

David Cunningham, Programme Director of Long Live the Local, says: “We are seeing even more support from pub goers and publicans this year, driven by more emotive and powerful creative such as these films. When we deliver the petition to Number 10, we believe as many as 200,000 people will have signed and close to 100,000 will have written to their MP, demonstrating just how much people care about local pubs.”

Mark Whelan, Chief Creative Officer at Havas UK, says: “We made the emotional film, we made the music video – now comes the documentary. We have to keep the story consistent but find new ways of telling it each time.” 

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GLOBAL DUREX CAMPAIGN FROM RB HEALTH AIMS TO DEBUNK COMMON STI MYTHS AMIDST SOARING RATES IN YOUNG PEOPLE Durex, the world’s #1 sexual wellbeing brand1, today launches a global campaign designed to challenge some of the common myths and misconceptions around sexually transmitted infections, educate young people of the dangers they face from unprotected sex and to change behaviours around condom use.

Unforgettable Nights, from creative agency Havas London, comprises four films, which individually target males and females aged 16-21 and 21-30, plus digital activity, OOH, an online educational hub and substantial experiential activations across European festivals this summer.

It launches across all channels in Spain – where one in four adolescents will suffer from an STI before they finish high school2, 15-24-year-olds represent 50% of yearly STI diagnoses3, and cases of gonorrhea increased by 303%, and chlamydia by 654%, in five years4 – before rolling out in territories including the US, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal.

The fast-paced films are each narrated by a person reliving what at first seems an innocuous night out, before ending in unprotected sex – and the consequence of an STI diagnosis. They aim to draw attention to both the symptoms and to the lesser-known, potential long-term effects of an STI, including infertility in both men and women.

Familiar, relatable characters – your best mate’s sister, the girl who came back to town, a friend’s cousin, the hot guy from college – are used throughout the campaign to help debunk the commonly-held belief among young people that you can only contract an STI from a stranger, not someone you know.

Across the summer, on-pack promotions will offer the chance to win sold-out tickets to festivals including Sonar Festival and Arenal Sounds, while festivalgoers carrying a condom will be rewarded with perks including front row seats, exclusive artist meet-and-greets and VIP toilets. Durex will also be hosting a series of exclusive performances via its ‘Unforgettable Sessions’ throughout the year.

Ultimately, the campaign challenges young people to carry on making unforgettable memories for the right reasons, not the wrong ones, and features the strapline ‘You decide. Use a condom’. It was created by Nick Wavish and Patrick Comer, creatively directed by Lynsey Atkin and directed by Will Reid – the 23-year-old director’s first commercial – through CPWorks.

Domenika Praxmarer, Marketing Director at Durex, Spain, says: “We’re on a mission to liberate good sex – and good sex is safe sex. Keen to understand why STIs are on the rise5, we spoke to a real cross-section of young people and found some widespread misconceptions – including that trusting the person you sleep with is adequate ‘protection’ against STIs, as well as ignorance around the potential effects of contracting one. With that in mind, we want this campaign to educate, not scare – and empower people to take choices that make their nights unforgettable for all the right reasons.”

Lynsey Atkin, Creative Director at Havas London, adds: “STIs aren’t a pleasant topic, but they’re an important one in the age of invincibility. Rather than dramatise a generic warning that young people tend to tune out, we wanted to tell first-person stories from a place of relatable hindsight. The blur and flashbacks of a great night out eventually cut back to present day; where it’s more about regret than reminiscing. Because nothing feels much worse than remembering how it could have all gone differently – no matter how old you are.”


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4 Centro Nacional de Epidemiología. CIBER Epidemiología y Salud Pública (CIBERESP). Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Resultados de la Vigilancia Epidemiología de las enfermedades transmisibles. Informe annual 2014. Madrid, 2016.

5 Centro Nacional de Epidemiología. CIBER Epidemiología y Salud Pública (CIBERESP). Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Resultados de la Vigilancia Epidemiología de las enfermedades transmisibles. Informe annual 2014. Madrid, 2016. 

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CARLING AND LONG LIVE THE LOCAL TEAM UP WITH SLAVES TO CELEBRATE LOCAL PUBS IN THE BRITISH BAND’S POWERFUL NEW MUSIC VIDEO British band Slaves have today launched their new single, Bugs, with a full-throttle music video celebrating the band’s love for the Great British pub and its vital role as a live music venue.


The video – which sees the duo perform in a packed pub to a crowd of joyous punters before flashing to a dystopian version of the pub in a derelict state – ends with the campaign line ‘Keeping pubs alive keeps music live’. The project was devised by creative agency Havas London in partnership with Britain’s #1 beer, Carling, as part of its Made Local initiative, and pro-pub campaign Long Live The Local.


It was shot in the East End’s George Tavern, a historic pub renowned for its live music which was itself at threat of closure until a celebrity and musician-backed campaign saved it earlier this year. A 600-year-old Grade II listed building, the pub has hosted the likes of Nick Cave, Plan B, John Cooper Clarke, The Magic Numbers and Kodaline on its intimate stage.


Carling is a long-term supporter of local communities and the pubs that play such a key role in them. Its Made Local campaign champions initiatives that have a significant impact on such communities all over the UK and supports those people who are making things happen in their hometown, just like Carling in Burton-on-Trent. The video hopes to shine a light on the Long Live The Local campaign, the important role pubs play in the community and the role they have played in Slaves’ career, as well as those of other musicians. 


Long Live The Local is a campaign backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance. It calls for a cut to beer duty to help keep pubs alive, keeping them at the heart of Britain’s vibrant, modern culture and offering a stage for the country’s most exciting music talent. Planned increases to beer duty are putting local pubs under pressure – three pubs a day close their doors for good and Long Live The Local want to change that.


Miranda Osborne, Brand Director at Carling says: “Carling has been bringing musicians and fans together for decades. Supporting local pubs and the up-and-coming bands that perform in them aligns perfectly with our Made Local initiative, which champions people and projects that help local culture, community spirit and creativity thrive up and down the country.”


David Cunningham, Programme Director of Long Live the Local says: “Pubs have long been the home of live music. They are a breeding ground for talent - past, present & future, a place where bands meet their first fans. However, with three pubs a day closing their doors for good, live music is under threat. We need to keep pubs alive to keep music live, which is why we’re asking music fans across Britain to sign our petition calling on the Chancellor to cut beer duty.”

Mark Whelan, Chief Creative Officer at Havas UK, adds: “This is a music promo with a message. Its aim is to remind people of the vital role of pubs in British music culture and Slaves are the perfect band for it.”


First bursting out of Kent’s pub scene in 2012, Slaves have gone on to become one of the UK’s most ferocious live bands, and their brand of high-energy punk rock is winning them fans worldwide, from Melbourne to Moscow. The track itself is a commanding riff-heavy punk, with a thundering bassline from Laurie Vincent (guitar, vocals) driving the track forward, while Isaac Holman (drums, vocals) rages against society’s decline and the deluge of questionable information we’ve all been subjected to over the last few years.


Slaves say: ‘Without pubs we would have had nowhere to start our career. Pubs are so important to the careers of musicians. They are pillars of communities and need saving.’

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  • Carling launches new, multi-million-pound campaign inspired by its hometown, Burton-on-Trent
  • Made Local champions local pride and those people who are making things happen in their communities up and down the country
  • Carling’s Made Local Fund will invest in community projects over the next three years
  • The Havas London-created campaign marks the first time Britain’s #1 beer* has appeared on TV in more than two years
  • Carling, Britain’s #1 beer, has launched a major new advertising campaign spanning TV, out of home, VoD, cinema and social media, as well as several longer-form documentaries and a consumer PR campaign. Made Local proudly celebrates Carling’s local heritage while simultaneously shining a light on the endeavors of today’s self-starters and people with a passion to help their local communities thrive. 

    The campaign, devised by Molson Coors’ lead creative agency Havas London, is about championing and supporting those people who are making things happen in their hometown – just like Carling, proudly brewed by local people in its historic home of Burton-on-Trent. Up and down the country, regional towns are often misjudged, stereotyped or simply overlooked, and this campaign celebrates that when you look closer, there is more to these local communities and their ambitious inhabitants than meets the eye. 

    Two spots will run on TV – one telling the story of Carling’s provenance and the skill and dedication of its Burton brewers, the other that of a local LGBT+ run Sunday League football team in Wolverhampton – while the cinema spot tells a wider range of stories of those people who are ‘making it’ in their hometown. These stories, including those of a group of cold-water surfers in Pease Bay in Scotland who make and surf on their own boards, and a band in Swansea who are fighting to keep the spirit of Welsh punk alive in the face of a bout of live music venue closures, are explored in more detail in a series of documentaries.

    Carling has also committed to a multi-million-pound investment over the next three years into community projects that help local culture, community spirit and creative endeavor thrive up and down the country through its Made Local Fund.

    Anyone can apply for funding at for projects that make a positive impact on the local community, are inherently sociable and bring people together, support long-term, sustainable projects and are at a grassroots, not-for-profit level.

    Miranda Osborne, Brand Director at Carling, says: “At Carling, we’re proud of the fact that Britain’s #1 beer is brewed by local people in the town of Burton-on-Trent. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find countless stories like ours – those of passionate, dedicated people making things happen in their hometowns. Uncovering some of these inspired us to create the Made Local Fund, our commitment to supporting new ideas and activities that will benefit local communities and the people that underpin them.”


    *Nielsen Off Trade MAT Volume, 05.01.2019. CGA On Trade MAT Volume, 03.11.2018

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    It’s Bear-ginning to look a lot like Christmas Heathrow releases new Christmas ad starring much-loved characters; Doris and Edward Bair


    Heathrow has today unveiled its newest Christmas advert, which adds another tale to the life of Britain’s much-loved bears; Doris and Edward Bair. 

    The pair, who have starred in the airport’s last two Christmas TV adverts, are this year returning to the UK from their Florida home after longing for the quintessential British Christmas. 

    The advert opens with Edward soaking up the rays on a lilo, wearing festive swimming shorts and applying layers of tanning oil.  

    After hearing the sound of carols, speaking to family and seeing images of home, all these little touches remind The Bairs that Christmas in the sunshine is just not the same. From memories of cosy fires and stockings hung, to the grandchildren playing, Doris and Edward know what they need to do to make it Christmas; make it Home.

    Set to the 80’s classic of Paul Young’s ‘Every Time You Go Away’, The Bairs rush themselves back towards the British twilight, arriving into Heathrow - the same location their eyes met and their love story began 50 years ago. 

    Paul Young, singer, songwriter and musician comments: “’Every Time You Go Away’ was first released over thirty years ago in 1985. So much has changed since then, however the feeling of loved ones going away is still the same. I’m delighted that it will feature on Heathrow’s Christmas advert which brings to life those feelings for Doris, Edward and the Bair family”.

    Ross Baker, Heathrow’s Chief Commercial Officer said: “The nation’s love for Doris and Edward is overwhelming and has been since we first met them in 2016. For many people, being close to the ones we love is what really makes Christmas special. This is why we see The Bairs return to their family from warmer climes, as many of Heathrow’s passengers make similar journeys home for the festive season.” 

    The advert sees the re-ignition of the partnership between Heathrow and film direction by DOM&NIC through Outsider Productions and animation from The Mill. Creative was led by advertising agency Havas London. 


    The film has launched on YouTube, and will be shared via social channels, broadcast and OOH.

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    - Campaign from Havas London and HRA Pharma for the most effective morning after pill-


    ellaOne® – the most effective morning after pill – has launched a new marketing campaign aimed at ending the stigma around emergency contraception and tackling the abundance of misconceptions around the morning after pill itself.

     ‘My Morning After’ – devised by creative agency Havas London – is ellaOne’s® first major campaign since it became available over the counter without a prescription in the UK in 2015. Targeting women aged between 18 and 25, it largely comprises digital and social media activity and centres around a positive, defiant manifesto empowering women who have had unprotected sex or whose contraceptive method has failed: 

     It’s the morning after the night before
    I know what they’re thinking, and I feel insecure
    So an accident happened, this much I know
    We were together last night, yet I feel so alone

    Do I let it get to me? Why should I? Why should we?

    Because this body is mine
    I can still be protected
    Decisions like this, they should be respected

    A baby? Maybe. One day, we’ll see
    But what I’m doing right now is the right thing for me
    Because it’s my future. I am my own master

    It’s my life. My rules. My Morning After.

     These words were brought to life through a 60’ film following the stories of five women from different backgrounds, but with at least one thing in common: they’re all taking control of their morning after. An honest, authentic and relatable portrayal shot by Pulse Films’ Stella Scott, it aims to remove the societal and emotional barriers to entry by normalising the use of ellaOne® when contraception has failed – while simultaneously celebrating women being in control of their own bodies.

    It also aims to debunk some of the common myths around the morning after pill, including that it’s difficult to get hold of (it isn’t – it’s available over the counter or online without a prescription), that it can affect future fertility (it doesn't - there is no delay in the return to fertility after taking the morning after pill), that it only works the morning after (morning after pills can be taken up to 3-5 days after unprotected sex) and that it can terminate a pregnancy if you’re already pregnant (ellaOne® is not an abortion pill and so will not interrupt an existing pregnancy – instead, it acts to stop or delay ovulation to prevent conception taking place).

    Kate Evans, Marketing Director UK, Ireland & Nordics at HRA Pharma, says: “While category awareness is high, awareness of ellaOne® as a product remains low, despite it being the most effective on the market. Sadly, there also remains a cultural stigma around emergency contraception itself. This campaign aims to break down those barriers and empower women to make the right decision for them, without fear of judgement.”

    Aaron Howard, Creative Director at Havas London, adds: “Sometimes accidents happen. There’s no shame in that. ellaOne® is a product that has widened the choices around emergency contraception for women – but this is bigger than merely extolling product benefits. We’re promoting an attitude. And if we go some way to shaping a culture that gives women confidence – and couples for that matter – then we’ve done our job.”

    ellaOne® is the world’s most effective morning after pill. It is the only emergency contraceptive product to contain the active ingredient Ulipristal Acetate – which last year was added to the World Health Organization’s Model List of Essential Medicines.

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    Havas unveils emotive first teacher recruitment work for the Department for Education -Heartwarming Every Lesson Shapes a Life campaign follows one girl’s journey
    through the school system and stars supporting cast of real teachers-


    1 October 2018: Creative agency Havas London has unveiled its first work for The Department for Education (DfE) since winning its teacher recruitment business in May. The campaign highlights that teaching isn’t about what young people become, but who they become – and underscores the unparalleled role teachers play in shaping young people’s lives.

    Every Lesson Shapes a Life is scheduled to break on TV during Coronation Street at 20:45hrs tonight (Monday 1 October) with a 60’ edit, which will also appear in cinema during October. A 30’ edit will also air on TV and video on demand through to 6 November.

    The campaign will also appear across social – with additional films featuring real people telling their stories of teachers who have shaped their lives – radio, digital, email DM, physical collateral and event branding and an upcoming press and out-of-home campaign. The entire campaign has been turned around in just four months to coincide with the start of a new recruitment year and applications for teacher training opening on 9 October.

    It also introduces a new brand identity, devised by Havas, comprising new colours, logos, fonts, imagery and the strapline Every Lesson Shapes a Life. This will be implemented across all of the DfE’s teacher recruitment touchpoints including the Get Into Teaching website, Train to Teach events, graduate fairs and locally-adaptable assets for schools.

    The emotive film, shot by Pulse Films’ thirtytwo, follows the journey of a young girl named Abi, from her very first day of school as a nervous, wide-eyed four-year-old, through to her last, leaving at 18 with the confidence to discover her place in the world. 

    An authentic portrayal of the ups and downs of school life and growing up, it highlights the fundamental role teachers play in shaping their students’ lives. As well as Abi, who is played over the years from girl to young adult by four actors, the film features a cast of real teachers.

    Chloe Saklow, Deputy Director, Teacher Recruitment and Conversion at the DfE, says: “By focusing on one girl’s story, we wanted to vividly demonstrate the unrivalled and positive human impact teachers have on the many children whose lives they touch. Teaching, like many other careers, isn’t without its challenges, but I can’t think of many others that are as important, or rewarding.”

    Jen Black, Managing Partner at Havas London, adds: “For this campaign, authenticity was key. We wanted to capture the years of care, patience, encouragement and support that teachers invest into the children whose lives they shape. That’s something we could only accurately portray through using real teachers, whose buy-in was so important. They’re unsung heroes, and we’re so proud to be working on a campaign that has the chance to help change lives for the better.”

    Havas London was appointed on a three-year basis by the DfE in May, following a competitive process, to ensure that teaching as a career remains attractive and at the forefront of minds, at a time when competition for graduates has intensified.

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    LONG LIVE THE LOCAL: BRITAIN’S BEER ALLIANCE LAUNCHES MAJOR PRO-PUB CAMPAIGN AMIDST INCREASING FINANCIAL PRESSURES -New marketing campaign aims to promote pubs and cut beer tax in face of three pub closures every day-


    The pub – a cultural institution, quintessentially British icon and bedrock of local communities – faces significant challenges ahead. With increasing financial pressures from a range of taxes, three local pubs close their doors for good every day[1]. Today, Britain’s Beer Alliance – the cross-industry group comprising brewers and pub companies large & small, as well as industry bodies including The British Beer & Pub Association, launches a major new campaign to help save ‘the local’.


    Called ‘Long Live The Local’ the new campaign will celebrate the important role local pubs play in our community, our culture and our national identity, demonstrating that they are a force for good. It will create a national groundswell of people celebrating and supporting their local pubs, while simultaneously calling on Government to relieve some of pressure pubs are facing by cutting beer tax – which is currently set to increase for at least the next three years.


    Should the level of beer tax – which is already three times the EU average and 12 times higher than Germany[2] – continue to increase year after year, beer sales will fall, pubs will continue to close, and jobs will be lost, the new campaign will argue.


    The campaign has taken six months to develop, including extensive strategic and creative development driven by consumer research, and will be supported by a £3 million investment each year for at least the next three years. It will comprise a striking, large-scale out-of-home campaign, national press ads, a cinematic online film, a PR campaign fronted by model and pub-owner Jodie Kidd, an influencer programme, Twitter promoted hashtag and video and an online hub at Each pillar of activity will drive consumers to sign a petition saying no to the planned increase in beer duty, which will be delivered to Government ahead of the Autumn Budget.


    Central to this activity is the film, directed by Tom Green, which explores what the pub means to society. A true snapshot of everything that makes pubs so important, it showcases the full range of life that happens within them – from catching up with friends to listening to live music, weddings to wakes – and everything in between.


    With 900,000 people in the UK reliant on the pub, brewing and other related industries for work – adding £23 billion to the economy and contributing £13 billion in taxation[3] – the campaign will also reach politicians to remind them of the economic importance, as well as the cultural importance, of the local pub and wider brewing industry. MPs will be made aware of the campaign & issues through lobbying events, localised PR and targeted media buys around Westminster and the upcoming party conferences, while pub-goers, owners and employees will experience the campaign in more than 15,000 British pubs through a selection of branded glasses, beer mats, window stickers and posters.


    The campaign represents a change in approach from Britain’s Beer Alliance, which has previously focused on promoting the beer category. “In light of the range of tax pressures pubs face, the number of precious institutions we have already lost forever, and the human impact of planned beer duty rises, we decided we needed a change in our approach and a new campaign”, says David Cunningham, Programme Director.


    Long Live the Local” will remind people that pubs are great places where a wide variety of life’s events – big and small – are played out, making them a unique part of our modern British culture and identity. It will, however, also raise awareness of the jeopardy our local pubs face from an unprecedented range of tax pressures, specifically beer duty, which should leave the Government with no illusions about the strength of feeling behind protecting the UK’s pubs and the communities that rely on them.”


    The campaign was devised by creative agency Havas London and is their first work since winning the account in March this year. Havas were supported by fellow Havas UK agencies Havas Media (media planning and buying), Ekino (web build), Havas Helia (CRM), One Green Bean (PR), Socialyse (influencer outreach) and HKX Productions (OOH/print). Film production was through Stink Films, photography through LGA, with political insight and programme development through Hanover


    Ben Mooge, Executive Creative Director at Havas London adds: “The pub – a bedrock of communities up and down the country – is under threat. The grassroots-style design of these posters and the universal, relatable scenes in the film capture the urgency and importance of this campaign. Coupled with all the other elements – a proper team effort on something so culturally important – it will be impossible to ignore.”


    Some of the largest and most influential organisations in the beer and pub industry are backing the campaign, including Molson Coors, AB InBev, Heineken and Carlsberg. Supporters also include pub companies big & small and industry organisations such as and the British Beer & Pub Association.

    [1] Figure calculated from CGA Outlet Index data and British Beer & Pub Association analysis of Valuations Office Agency data

    [2] British Beer & Pub Association data

    [3] British Beer & Pub Association data

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    HAVAS UNVEILS LET IT SHINE SINGALONG FOR FINISH -London agency’s first major spot since the brand returned from W+K last year-   Havas London has unveiled its first major work for Finish – the world’s leading auto dishwashing brand – since it won the account back from Wieden + Kennedy in 2017.   Let it Shine, for Finish Quantum dishwasher tablets, is a joyous, unashamedly populist singalong to traditional gospel song This Little Light of Mine, with the lyrics playfully adapted to reflect some of the everyday objects that Finish helps to shine. It breaks on today across TV, online and at point-of-sale, and will run globally for 12 months.   The campaign is based on the insight that ‘shine’ is the ultimate indicator of a perfect clean.  The brand believes that consumers should not just expect their dishes to be clean – but to be so clean they shine. This film champions the fact that only Finish Quantum can deliver results that live up to this expectation.   This message is delivered musically through a cinematic spot from Pulse’s Fred Scott, injecting some welcome emotion into a sometimes sterile category. It follows a diverse cast – representing the genuinely global nature of the brand – in the aftermath of a range of occasions preluding washing up, from solo glasses of wine to corporate entertaining; cosy nights in front of the TV to lively dinner parties with friends. The spot’s scale and production values reflects the premium nature of the product.   Chris Dunne, Senior Brand Manager at RB says: “Life is not about washing up – but it does create it. This campaign celebrates all of those occasions that make the washing up worthwhile, while at the same time reminding people of Finish’s superior cleaning power.”   Elliot Harris, Deputy Executive Creative Director at Havas London adds: “Finish is an everyday brand, and we’ve tried to root this campaign in those everyday, but important, little vignettes that make up life. And who doesn’t love a good singalong? We couldn’t resist basing this campaign around such a classic, much loved, and very fitting soundtrack.” ]]> 2018-06-05 00:00:00 MAKING WAVES IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: HAVAS, UNIVERSAL MUSIC & SHARP’S BREWERY JOIN FORCES TO LAUNCH NEW ARTIST KEYNVOR Preservation – which features up-and-coming composer Sebastian Plano – is available to stream and download now:   Listen to “Preservation” ft. Sebastian Plano ***STREAMING LINK***   But Keynvor is like no other artist. Taking its name from the Cornish word for ‘ocean’, Keynvor – pronounced ‘cain-vor’ – is the Atlantic Ocean. And the track itself helps the under-threat ocean fund its own protection as Sebastian Plano and Mercury KX will donate 100% of their share of streaming income and permanent downloads of the track to the Cornish marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage.   “At Sharp’s, we are committed to saving our unique and spectacular coastal regions,” says James Nicholls, Senior Brand Manager at Sharp’s Brewery. “Based in Cornwall, and as surfers and ocean lovers, it’s heartbreaking to watch the water and the beaches that we love being slowly destroyed by humanity’s neglect and ignorance. The Keynvor project is built around, inspired by and intrinsically linked to the coast – what better way to save our beaches than recruit the ocean itself.”   Keynvor – Havas’ first major campaign for Sharp’s and a significant collaboration with fellow Vivendi company Universal Music – harnesses the epic sounds of the ocean and debuts with the track Preservation, recorded in and off the coast of Cornwall in March 2018. It sees Keynvor partner with up-and-coming composer Plano, who masterfully combines the stunning, ethereal sounds of Cornish waves crashing on the rocks with percussive, rhythmic sounds created from the original field recordings.   For Keynvor’s debut release, Preservation, Sebastian Plano and Mercury KX will donate 100% of the monies they receive from streaming use and the income they receive from permanent downloads of the track (at least £0.50 per permanent download) to the charity Surfers Against Sewage (registered charity No. 1145877 in England and Wales), which will help to raise funds for, and awareness of, coastal issues such as erosion and pollution. And never has the charity been more important: an estimated 12 million tonnes of marine litter and plastic end up in our oceans every year.   Hugo Tagholm, Chief Executive, Surfers Against Sewage says: “Surfers Against Sewage is stoked to be amplifying the call of the ocean through the Keynvor project. Our oceans are in peril, facing unprecedented challenges including the growing threat of plastic pollution. Together we can respond to this oceanic siren. Join the community movement for Plastic Free Coastlines today. The future is clean. The future is blue.”   Matt Swinburne, Creative Director at Havas London adds: “Proudly based in Rock, Cornwall, and with beers including ‘Atlantic Pale Ale’, ‘Sea Fury’ and ‘Doom Bar’ – named after the infamous Cornish sandbar – the coast is such an inherent part of Sharp’s brand. Sadly, it’s no secret the UK’s coastline is under threat. This is something Sharp’s cares passionately about – so we’re proud to have created an innovative, permanent platform together that both celebrates and supports the coast, not just now but in the future.”   Preservation ft. Sebastian Plano is available now via Universal Music imprint Mercury KX/Decca Publishing on all digital music providers, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Google Play. ]]> 2018-04-19 00:00:00 Citroën in major new partnership with Channel 4 and First Dates Channel 4 today announces a brand new, two year partnership with Citroën that will see the French marque sponsor the broadcaster’s award-winning dating series First Dates and co-create content for All 4.

    Launching in January 2018, the partnership represents the first time Citroën has worked with Channel 4 in this way. The sponsorship will include multiple series of First Dates, as well as the return of First Dates Hotel where Maître D’ Fred Siriex and his team will welcome a whole host of hopeful singletons to a tailor- made matching making experience in Naples next year.

    In addition to the sponsorship Channel 4 and Citroën are collaborating to launch an original content series for All 4 which will also be also distributed across Citroën’s own channels.

    The partnership was brokered by 4Sales with Mediacom and will also include off air licensing and Channel 4’s unique interactive digital sponsorship format ispon.

    The sponsorship idents, from creative agency Havas London, invites viewers to 'find love with Citroën and First Dates on 4', whilst showcasing the brand’s range including New C3 Aircross Compact SUV and New C4 Cactus.

    First Dates and First Dates Hotel are Channel 4’s biggest 10pm shows so far this year, attracting an average audience of 2.0 million and 1.9 million viewers per episode, respectively. Both significantly outperform Channel 4’s slot average and are consistently the most popular programmes on TV among 16-34 year old viewers watching TV at the time the shows air.

    Rob Ramsey, Partnership Leader, Channel 4 said: “We are delighted to be working with Citroën on this amazing package. Not only will Citroën benefit from a direct sponsorship association with First Dates on Channel 4 but we will also be collaborating to create bespoke content with them that will extend the reach of the campaign across both our platforms.”

    Souad Wrixen, Marketing Director at Citroën UK said: “It’s a real pleasure to be able to partner with such a well-known TV series that really embodies our ‘Be Different, Feel Good’ attitude.

    The sponsorship feels like a natural fit following the launch of our new brand signature ‘Inspired By You’ which brings us closer to our customers as we continue to introduce products that are inspired directly by them. A number of our new products including New C3 Aircross and New C4 Cactus will feature as part of the partnership and we are very excited to work closely with Channel 4 to create content for All 4 as well, so watch this space.”


    Elliot Harris, Creative Director at Havas London, says: “Citroën and First Dates is a match made in heaven. After all, who knows more about love than the French? Throw in a twist of unmistakably British humour, and we’ve ended up with a really charming, contextually spot-on series of idents, on one of the biggest shows on TV. We’re very happy.” 

    2017-12-19 00:00:00
    MR SHEEN FLIES BACK ONTO SCREENS AFTER 10 YEARS Havas reintroduces the RB brand’s much-loved figurehead for his first live action outing 

    Mr Sheen, star of the iconic 1980s campaigns for the cleaning product of the same name, returns to screens this month after an almost decade-long absence.

    The character – reintroduced by Havas London’s RB team – is seen dusting off his trusty (but dusty) signature red plane in a long-abandoned hanger, on a renewed mission to banish dust from UK homes. The spot is notable for bringing the character back in live-action for the first time, after his animated self shot to fame in a series of 1980s advertising campaigns.

    The ‘Back to Banish Dust’ campaign aims to increase awareness around Mr Sheen’s product range and drive market penetration in the category. Central to the £800,000 campaign is the TV spot, in which the audience will see the fully-fleshed realisation of Mr Sheen - flight suit, trusty wipes, signature bushy grey moustache, red plane and all – for the first time.

    The TV spot reminds the UK of the product range’s dusting credentials - allowing them to fly through their cleaning throughout the home – and is supported by a media campaign comprising digital and in-store promotions to drive purchase of the Mr Sheen range.

    The Mr Sheen range has been given a thorough dust-down to increase the relevance of the brand by repositioning Mr Sheen as the perfect product for keeping the home dust-free. The new simplified and modernised design provides greater on-shelf impact and highlights the ranges Dust Trap technology, offering ‘2x better dust pick-up’, whilst improving the fragrance call out.

    Holly McCarthy, RB UK Marketing Manager comments, “After almost a decade, we are very excited to bring the iconic Mr Sheen character back to the TV screen, with a slick new advertising campaign as well as updating our packaging, with the overall aim of reappraising the brand for the current day. Thanks to clearer on-pack communication, we firmly believe that consumers will understand the key benefits of the range and will help with the decision-making process in store.”

    Elliot Harris, Havas, Creative Director RB comments “It's been a pleasure reimagining an age-old classic like Mr. Sheen. And what better way to re launch him back onto our TV screens than by bringing him to life - literally. He’s such a strong, recognisable brand asset. "Mr Sheen shines umpteen things clean!" was one of those great, quintessentially British lines. We hope audiences love the cheery reminders of the old ads from the jingle to the larger than life moustache” 

    2017-12-11 00:00:00
    WHATEVER YOUR #GYMEXCUSE, THIS NEW HARRISON’S FUND CAMPAIGN WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER ONE -Havas UK campaign wants you to use money wasted on muscles on finding a cure for a deadly muscle wasting disease instead- 

    The UK wastes a staggering £558m on unused gym memberships every year, with good intentions quickly replaced by bad excuses. Havas’ new campaign for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy charity Harrison’s Fund urges people to put that money to better use: rather than wasting it on muscles, help fund a cure for the muscle wasting disease instead.

    A Duchenne diagnosis is terminal. For now. It is the most common fatal genetic disorder to affect children around the world. Sufferers cannot produce dystrophin, a protein needed to build muscles. As a result, every muscle in the body deteriorates, often leading to respiratory failure, heart failure, and other devastating orthopaedic complications. And death; usually by a child’s late teens or early twenties. Most are in a wheelchair by age 12.

    There is no cure. However, over the past few years, scientists have made great strides in gene therapy and molecular medicine, and for the first time we may be on the cusp of a major breakthrough. Harrison’s Fund aims to help fund this cure – not just care. The charity was established by Alex and Donna Smith, parents to Harrison. Harrison is 11 years old, and has Duchenne. He also stars in this new TV ad.

    The #GymExcuses campaign aims to raise awareness of Duchenne – a disease that most people haven’t heard of – and to raise funds toward finding a cure. It plays on the plethora of excuses people use to get out of going to the gym, and challenges people to get a better excuse – by donating their money to Harrison’s Fund instead.

    Sister agency Cake has supported with the publicity around this by seeding #gymexcuses with well-known celebrity fitness fanatics and influencers – showing we can all take a day off for a good cause. Alongside this, they partnered with Ginger Comms to reveal the state of the nation’s health; including how nearly two thirds (65 percent) of us admit to taking it for granted.

    The campaign breaks across the UK this week and spans TV (including ITV, Channel 4 and Sky), VoD, out of home, digital, national press, social, PR and influencer outreach and a microsite, where people can view common excuses and donate to get a better one for themselves.

    The pro bono campaign was created by Havas London and supported by a number of Havas UK agencies, including Cake, Havas Media and HKX Productions. It was created entirely within Havas’ UK Village in Kings Cross.

    Harrison’s Fund Founder Alex Smith says: “I wish this campaign didn’t exist. Devastatingly, it has to – but with the help of some of the six million plus people who will see it, we will beat this disease. On behalf of everyone whose lives have been affected by Duchenne, thanks to Havas for their continued efforts helping us to achieve that.”

    Xavier Rees, CEO, Havas London, adds: “This has been a real team effort, and represents the collaboration between Havas agencies at its best. No egos, no politics – just 20 people from across four agencies working together for a great cause. Together, we’re committed to doing whatever we can to help those with Duchenne find a cure.” 

    2017-11-27 00:00:00
    The Bears are back in Town: Heathrow unveils new Christmas ad New ad reveals the story behind airports’ much-loved Mr and Mrs Bair

    Heathrow has today unveiled its second-ever Christmas advert, showing the 50-year-long love story of Doris and Edward Bair, the airports much-loved teddy bears, who were shown in the airports first Christmas TV ad last year.

    The advert opens in the 60s where the bears first set eyes on each other. Edward was still his clumsy self, leaving his coat on an aircraft by accident when returning from a business trip. Doris, the airline’s air stewardess, notices and chases after him. She wouldn’t want to see a passenger get cold.

    Their eyes meet: the rest is history.

    Set to the distinctive sentimental sound of Petula Clark’s ‘Couldn’t Live Without Your Love’, we see a series of tender and charming moments across their fifty-year history in which Doris and Edward are brought closer together every Christmas. Each time we see them, their love story develops in different ways but always in the same location - Heathrow arrivals hall. As they grow older and the backdrop (and outfits) change, we start to meet the rest of the Bair family who come along to greet them in the same spot where they first met.

    The advert sees the re-ignition of the partnership between Heathrow and film direction by DOM&NIC through Outsider Productions and animation from The Mill. Creative was led by advertising agency Havas London. To create a nostalgic backdrop location, much of the advert was filmed in the historical Terminal 1; which closed to passengers in 2016 after over 50 years of travel reunions. British Airways provided an original BOAC aircraft, air hostess uniforms and additional historical details to help convey the authentic history of air travel.

    Ross Baker, Heathrow’s Commercial Director said: “After an overwhelming response across the globe to Doris and Edward last year, we had to bring these lovable bears back to our screens. We hear from our passengers that there is no greater feeling than being wrapped in the arms of a loved one at Christmas. We wanted the advert to capture this unique feeling and make people feel even more excited to welcome friends and family this festive season.”

    The film has launched on YouTube, and will be shared via social channels, programmatic video, broadcast VOD and OOH. Passengers booking Heathrow’s complimentary Personal Shopping service will also receive a limited-edition scarf with unique bears design, created by Karen Mabon, when they make a purchase. 

    2017-11-20 00:00:00
    OPTREX BRINGS ‘SCREEN EYES’ INTO FOCUS IN NEW HAVAS CAMPAIGN -Eye care brand debuts spot from Black Mirror director Owen Harris-

    Are you reading this on a laptop, tablet or mobile? If so, there’s a good chance you may have Screen Eyes: the focus of a new campaign from RB eye care brand Optrex.

    While technology, lifestyle and habits have evolved dramatically over the past 15 years, our bodies have not kept pace – and modern life is taking its toll on our eyes. Screen Eyes is that uncomfortable, dry feeling in your eyes that occurs from looking at screens for a long period of time. This is because staring at screens results in you blinking up to 60% less, reducing the spread of tears and disturbing the protective layer of your eye, causing moisture to evaporate. So the more you stare at screens, the more dry and irritated your eyes feel.

    To raise awareness of this very modern problem – and to promote its flagship ActiMist 2in1 Dry + Irritated Eye Spray, a mess free and easy to apply spray* that restores your eyes’ natural moisture – eye care brand Optrex has launched a new TV, press, digital and point-of-sale campaign, devised by creative agency Havas London.

    The campaign revolves around a surreal yet eerily familiar TV spot from Black Mirror director Owen Harris, depicting a world where people have developed eyes the shape of screens. The metaphor, coupled with scenes of everyday people going about their everyday lives, connects an increasingly common ailment – dry eyes – with the technology we have become so attached to.

    It has been supported by a PR campaign from Virgo Health, which married traditional media relations with a direct-to-consumer activation. A new ‘Screen Dry Eyes Health Report’, developed in partnership with optometrist Brian Tompkins, was launched to media to inform on the state of the nation’s eye health. A team of brand ambassadors also sampled Optrex ActiMist in Central London, stopping passers-by who were glued to their screens and inviting them to complete a quiz designed to help them find out which screens they use the most.

    Yvette Younes, Category Manager UK Activation – Nurofen, Gaviscon & Optrex at RB says: “Screens have become fundamental to our lives – from mobile phones and tablets on our commutes, to laptops at work and TVs at home. In fact, there’s rarely a time we’re not staring at one. While 70% of British adults report having experienced symptoms of ‘Screen Eyes’ when they have been looking at a screen for a long period of time, the most common action is to simply look away. We hope this campaign goes some way to helping consumers enjoy their daily activities in more comfort, especially given that almost 60% of the people we surveyed for this campaign told us that they’re concerned about the impact of modern life on their eyes.”

    Elliot Harris, Creative Director for RB at Havas, adds: “Owen [Harris, director] has brought our Screen Eyes concept to life brilliantly, crafting a world that is both surreal yet instantly recognisable. That someone of his calibre wanted to be involved is testament to the creative journey we’re on with RB, with whom we’re making some genuinely eye-catching work.”

    *based on May 2016 survey of 307 consumers 

    2017-10-03 00:00:00
    Heathrow celebrates ‘the best Christmas gift of all’ For the first time, Heathrow is launching a video campaign at Christmas celebrating 'the best gift of all'.

    The poignant film reminds us that coming home for Christmas is the best gift you can give at this special time of year.

    The ad follows two much-loved and ageing teddy bears as they land at Heathrow. It captures tender moments between the couple; from the wife gently waking her sleeping husband in his seat, to his protective arm helping her onto the escalator.

    As they travel through the airport, the film - set to a classic Chas and Dave soundtrack - captures all the familiar sights and sounds of the UK’s hub airport. Finally the elderly bears emerge blinking into arrivals and we see them searching the crowds for someone. We won't spoil the ending for you.

    It's the next phase of Heathrow's brand campaign designed to mark its 70th anniversary and follows Heathrow's First Flight that was launched to critical acclaim earlier this summer.

    Heathrow’s Commercial Director Jonathan Coen said: ‘Christmas is my favourite time of year at Heathrow – the airport is abuzz with families and friends reuniting for this special time of year. We feel the bears’ journey through the airport at Christmas beautifully captures the emotion of walking through Heathrow arrivals into the arms of your loved ones.’

    The campaign has been created by advertising agency Havas, with film direction by DOM&NIC through Outsider Productions and animation from The Mill. The piece was filmed over three days while Heathrow was fully operational with location management team, Salt overcoming the complex logistical challenges of filming across multiple terminals, on the airfield and in restricted locations to make the campaign a reality.

    The film will be launched on YouTube, cinema and social channels on 14th of November. 

    2016-11-14 00:00:00
    Birdseye Fish Fingers Make Your Tail Wag Havas London puts the swing in one enthusiast’s step as he rushes home for his supper 

    Launched over the weekend, a new above-the-line campaign from Havas London captures the excitement of a Birdseye dinner through the eyes of a small boy, as he rushes back to his kitchen from school.

    Beginning at his classroom desk, to his final arrival at the dinner table, our fish finger fanatic hurriedly takes us on a stunning journey through fields of peas, past Captain Birdseye and his boat, across countryside, mountains and beaches as he wags his way to stomach satisfaction.

    The TVC is just one part of an over-arching campaign from Birdseye, who after over a decade away from the nation’s screens, are bringing back Captain Birdseye in a nod to the brand’s heritage. The captain, an instantly recognisable character to the UK market has been helping British parents provide their children with a fish supper since the 1960s. His presence in the new commercial reiterates the brand’s heritage and their universal trustfulness, whilst the character of Sam, our ‘Boy with a Tail’ brings an entertaining and engaging story to the simple excitement of a favourite childhood meal.

    Shot by Outsider’s award-winning director Jim Gilchrist, the 60” spot will be released as part of an 360 campaign around the resurrection of Captain Birdseye and the re-launch of 57 core products, including Fish Fingers and Garden Peas; both make an appearance upon the dinner plate of our ‘Boy with a Tail’. The campaign extends across TV, cinema, digital, outdoor, PR and instore comms and it goes live on Friday 8th April.

    Steve Chantry, Birdseye Marketing Director, said “2016 is set to be a really exciting year for Birdseye and we’re looking forward to taking our brand in a fresh direction with the new campaign. We know that our consumers remember our products from their childhood with fondness and we believe that the new ad will not only reignite their latent love for the brand, but also reassure them that Birdseye is committed to quality and is a cut-above other brands”.

    Havas London’s ECD, Ben Mooge said “For years, Sam, the boy in the commercial had been picked on because of his tail. We're glad that Birdseye could help with his successful rehabilitation. There's a lesson for us all here.” 

    2016-04-11 00:00:00
    Cut the cliché this Valentine’s with Havas London and Durex Ditch the bouquets and romantic dinners and focus on reconnecting with your loved one

    London, UK – 25 January 2016: Launching today, a new campaign from Havas London for Durex encourages couples to ‘cut the cliché’ this Valentine’s day and focus instead on spending quality time with one another, reconnecting and experiencing some genuine fun and excitement.

    The campaign follows research conducted by Durex which revealed that nearly half (49%) of the UK population doesn’t looked forward to Valentine’s Day, with 40% saying it’s a cliché and a further 43% stating that they would like to try something different.

    The campaign focuses around binning the boring bouquet, ditching the ‘unromantic’ dinner and spending the day with one another having fun. Shot by Wanda Productions, award-winning director Wilfred Brimo, the commercial shows a young couple mowing down a field of roses to be with one another. Creating circles and spirals in the crop, the pair eventually colliding into one another with expressions of sheer glee. Symbolising the message that Valentine’s Day is about quality time not gimmicks, the ad will run on TV, online and in-store, with media handled by Zenith Optimedia.

    Durex’s sex and relationship expert Alix Fox, commented, “Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, but sadly it can easily turn into 24 hours of predictable disappointment. Durex’s research shows that a third of Brits want more spontaneity in their relationship, so we wanted to develop a campaign that would encourage people to substitute the stereotypical, commercialised Valentine’s ideas with a focus on doing something that is personal and meaningful to them.”

    Yelena Gaufman, Head of Planning, Havas London commented: “Valentine’s Day brings a lot of expectation and pressure to couples, often overshadowing the meaning behind the occasion. Durex is the perfect brand to champion leaving behind the gimmicks and clichés, and to encourage intimacy on the most romantic day of the year” 

    2016-01-25 00:00:00
    Havas Creative Group appoints Andy Sandoz and Ben Mooge as Joint Executive Creative Directors of Havas London London 26th November: Havas Creative Group has today announced changes to the creative leadership of the business.

    Andy Sandoz and Ben Mooge, currently partners of Havas Work Club, have been appointed joint Executive Creative Directors of Havas London, assuming responsibility for the agency’s entire creative output

    The move will see Andy Sandoz - currently President of D&AD - and Ben Mooge - report into Europe and UK Group CEO Chris Hirst and sit on the Havas London Executive Board. Sandoz and Mooge have driven creative work that has seen Havas Work Club win both Campaign and Marketing Digital Agency of the Year; work that includes Ballantine’s tshirtOSand Space Glass, McLaren F1 and the creation of the D&AD White Pencil.

    Chris Hirst, European and UK Group CEO at Havas Creative Group said, "Andy & Ben are provocative, modern and very talented creatives. They are also just great people to be around. I'm really looking forward to working with them”

    Ben Mooge said “Collaboration and talent is all that matters. Bring on The Club and the Havas team together - plus anyone out there who’s up for being involved at the start of something. #squad ”

    Andy Sandoz said “This is about building, and getting out of the way of, a modern team capable of rebooting the system for the better. #squadgoals ”

    The appointment of Ben Mooge and Andy Sandoz comes as Hirst assembles a new-look senior leadership team for Havas Creative Group, and follows the appointment of, Mark Sinnock as European and UK CSO, Tracey Barber to Group CMO , Paul Ward as Group Head of Operations and Mark Whelan to CCO. 

    2015-11-26 00:00:00
    Durex & Havas London launch social media campaign video for a safe sex emoji To help young people communicate about safe sex, Durex launch a video calling for the creation of a condom emoji

    London, UK - 18 November 2015 - In a new social media campaign video created by Havas London, Durex are calling for the creation of a condom emoji. Launched in the run-up to World AIDS Day on 1st December, the campaign video is live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The film is designed to address the fact that emojis are the new language of young people even when it comes to starting and developing relationships, but no safe sex emoji is available yet.

    The film – which uses emojis like the aubergine, hot dog and peach to show how people are currently discussing sex on mobile devices – calls on viewers to use the hashtag #CondomEmoji, and highlights World AIDS Day, reinforcing the need for better communication around safe sex.

    The film was created by Shynola, a trio of London-based visual artists who have collaborated on a number of advertisement as well as music videos for the like of Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead and Coldplay. Premier is the global PR agency on the project.

    Mark Whelan, Global Creative Officer at Havas London said, “With the Oxford dictionary having recently named an emoji as word of the year, it’s clear that the way we communicate has changed. For a brand like Durex that plays an important role in helping people have safe-sex, it’s important to understand this and help young people in particular have this conversation in a way that’s natural to them.”

    Volker Sydow, Global Director Durex says: “Durex believes in happier, healthier sex lives and World AIDS Day is a hugely significant reminder about the importance of safe sex. Looking at how influential messaging is in the development of relationships today, an official safe sex emoji is a simple and empowering step towards better protection and sexual wellbeing.”   

    2015-11-18 00:00:00
    Tracey Barber promoted to Havas Worldwide UK Chief Marketing Officer Havas Worldwide Creative Group has promoted Tracey Barber to the role of UK Chief Marketing Officer across Havas Worldwide, Havas Work Club and Havas helia.

    Barber, who was previously Chief Marketing Officer at Havas helia, will lead a marketing and new business team working across Havas Creative Group’s agencies.

    Since joining Havas helia in 2014, Barber has overseen the global rebrand of the agency and major new business wins including The Co-operative Bank, Gap, Peperami and Regus.

    Prior to Havas helia, Barber was the Chief Marketing Officer at Kitcatt Nohr for three years. Before Kitcatt Nohr she was group marketing director at Havas EHS’s predecessor EHS 4D Group for six years. She started her career at Lowe Howard Spink and also worked as a marketing manager at Lloyds TSB.
    Barber has also been a non-executive director at the Ministry of Defence since 2012 and was the vice-chairman at the 2Gether Foundation Trust, a specialist NHS trust providing social and mental healthcare services.

    Daniel Floyed, Managing Partner of Havas Worldwide said: “Havas as a group is growing with great work and great clients. What we want to do is take this further by working together. Tracey is a redoubtable force in the market and I’m looking forward to seeing her applying her exceptional talent across the group.”

    Tash Whitmey, the Chief Executive of Havas Helia, said: “Tracey has played a key role in helping Havas helia fulfil a lot of big ambitions over the past year and I can think of no one better to represent the group at the industry’s highest levels.”

    Tracey Barber said: “It’s exciting to be given the task of working with the senior team at Havas to take a strong group of agencies to new heights. Our range of talent and experience is second to none in the industry and the challenge of communicating this to the market and helping to grow our business is something I’m relishing.” 

    2015-07-23 00:00:00
    BirdsEye and Havas Worldwide London launch TV ad to support ‘iFreeze, iSave’ campaign On behalf of BirdsEye, Havas Worldwide London has created a new TV ad to support the iFreeze, iSave campaign. Within the broader campaign BirdsEye focuses on leading the way in educating the nation that choosing frozen food, and freezing food, can not only help reduce food waste, but also save them money in the process.

    The iFreeze, iSave initiative follows findings that reveal 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted every year that could have otherwise been frozen and preserved for use at a later date. Aiming to help consumers save money through encouraging them to become more freezer-savvy, the brand is collaborating with a coalition of partners – including Love Food Hate Waste, Hotpoint and the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) – to raise awareness of Britain’s food waste issues.

    The TV ad shows a young woman throwing away a fifth of all her fresh food shopping, illustrating the statistic that 20% of food is wasted in the UK every month. This amounts to £60 for the average family, in response to which the ad goes on to reference the iFreeze, iSave campaign and frozen food as an alternative. The media was handled by Havas Media and it is airing on national network TV, as well as VoD.

    Commenting on the iFreeze, iSave initiative, Andy Weston-Webb, Birds Eye UK Managing Director, comments: “We’re incredibly excited by this campaign as we understand the pressures families are under to save money. Reducing food waste by making the most of the freezer will not only help families to do so but it will also help the UK to become more sustainable and resourceful, something we’re very proud to be a part of.”

    Russ Schaller, Creative Director at Havas Worldwide London, commented “Many UK shoppers are unware of the amount of fresh food that they waste and the cost they incur because of it. By showing what this would look like if we were to literally throw a fifth of our food purchases in the bin we’re able to raise awareness of the issue, and encourage British families to save some money by making smarter shopping choices. It's more proof that underscores our commitment to move brands from promise to purpose.”

    2015-04-09 00:00:00
    Havas Wins Pitch to Join Arla Foods Global Roster The dairy company behind food brands including Lurpak, Arla brand, Castello and Cravendale entrusts global expansion Arla brand brief to Havas Worldwide London into the LATAM, Africa and South East Asia markets

    Arla Foods has appointed Havas Worldwide London as the creative agency hub set to build its Arla brand across categories in emerging markets. This follows a competitive pitch between Havas Worldwide London and DLKW Lowe.

    Wieden + Kennedy currently handles the global advertising account for the Arla brand, Lurpak and Cravendale (local UK). W+K’s is still the lead agency for the Arla brand globally – being responsible for strategy and master campaign guidelines, with the Havas Worldwide network brought in to focus on emerging markets. Havas Worldwide London will be running the Arla brand account centrally, partnering with teams in its healthcare network across Sao Paulo, Singapore and South Africa.

    W+K did not participate in the pitch for this business as Arla wanted representation in markets where W+K are not present.

    The role of an emerging markets agency is newly created by the Arla brand and will focus initially on LATAM, Africa and South East Asia. The short term scope calls for delivery of six campaigns, including TV.

    Daniel Floyed, Managing Partner at Havas Worldwide London, commented: “We’re very excited with this win, Arla is a company we’ve always respected, as they share our values and passion for purpose driven brands. We’ll be putting our creative council to work straight away to meet the challenge of extending this already strong brand into emerging markets.”

    Jan Worre Pedersen, Head of Global Media & Agency Management at Arla Foods, continued: “We are very confident that in Havas we have a highly strategic and creative partner that is as equally ambitious with our vision as we are. The agency passionately detailed how they’ll convey local nuances across our emerging markets and build the Arla brand through meaningful campaigns.”

    2015-04-01 00:00:00
    Havas poaches Chris Hirst as group chief executive of Europe Feb. 12, 2015--Campaign UK

    Havas is set to hire Chris Hirst, the chief executive of Grey London, for the same role at Havas Creative Group in the UK and Europe.

    In his new role Hirst will be responsible for all the Havas creative agencies, both in Europe and the UK. All the local leaders, including the UK co-managing partners of Club Havas, Martin Brooks and Daniel Floyed, will report to him.

    The Havas creative agencies include Havas Worldwide, the newly rebranded Helia network and Cake.

    Hirst will report to Andrew Benett, the global chief executive of Havas Worldwide and Havas Creative Group.

    Grey has gone through a revival in recent years and was named Campaign’s advertising network of the year in 2014. Last week it picked up the Vodafone account from sister shop Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

    Ahead of Hirst’s departure, Grey has promoted Lucy Jameson, the chief strategy officer at Grey London, to UK chief executive.

    Hirst has been the chief executive of Grey since 2009, and was the managing director of the agency for six years before that. Earlier in his career he worked at Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Fallon London.

    Last month Havas brought together Work Club, the digital agency it bought last year, and its London ad agency in a new structure called Club Havas. The changes led to the departure of Russ Lidstone, the Havas Worldwide London chief executive.

    Club Havas is run by Brookes, the joint chief executive of Havas World Club, and Floyed, the global brand director of Havas Worldwide London, as co-managing partners.

    Jameson moved to Grey London as its chief strategy officer in June 2012. She was previously the executive strategy director at DDB UK.

    Havas was unavailable for comment.

    This article was first published on

    2015-02-12 00:00:00
    New Chivas 18 campaign captures the whisky’s complexity through the art of glass blowing Chivas Regal has launched a new global campaign highlighting the many flavours of its 18 Year Old Scotch whisky, Chivas 18.

    Beautifully crafted hand-blown amber glass droplets were specially created to bring to life the complexity of the Chivas 18 blend, which has 85 flavour notes in every drop including cinnamon, honey, lavender and raspberry.

    The campaign, which is created by Havas Worldwide London, spans online, social media channels, including Instagram, as well as print and outdoor. The online films and print imagery showcase a stunning composition of glass drops, each containing a different flavour note and suspended in mid-air around a bottle of Chivas 18.

    World renowned glass artist Peter Layton was commissioned to design and create the hand-blown amber drops, capturing the multi-faceted nature of the blend. The photographer on the campaign was acclaimed artist Dan Tobin Smith.

    The campaign will be supported by an online ‘beauty’ film showing how the droplets were made and the craftsmanship behind the campaign; a ‘behind the scenes’ film including interviews; and three other short films running on the brand’s Instagram channel.

    The campaign will break this week and will run in key markets around the world, including the France, China, and Colombia.

    Laura Hanratty, Chivas global marketing manager, said: “We wanted this campaign to have a strong craftsmanship story to celebrate the complexity and excellence of Chivas 18. I believe the result is better than we could have hoped; impactful, stylish and beautiful, while still conveying the strong product story and flavour message. It’s a great result.”

    Andre Moreira, creative director at Havas Worldwide London said: “Each drop of Chivas 18 is a blending masterpiece. So we made sure every single drop featured in the work was individually created. It was an extremely challenging process, but in Peter Layton, Peter Smith and Dan Tobin Smith we also had the best craftsmen in the industry working with us.”

    The campaign was inspired by the brand’s recent collaboration with the luxury Italian automobile design firm Pininfarina, for which Pininfarina created a patented drop shape for Chivas 18.

    2014-12-08 00:00:00
    Ella’s Kitchen raises funds for Kids Company with ‘Give A Sprout’ campaign Ella’s Kitchen, the organic baby and children’s food brand, is asking families to give a virtual sprout to a friend or loved one this Christmas to raise a smile and funds for children’s charity Kids Company.

    The ‘Give A Sprout’ campaign, created by Havas Worldwide London, includes digital and social media, with an online film showing how sprouts are ignored and left behind on dinner plates. The tongue-in-cheek film asks people to give sprouts a home this Christmas by going onto the Ella’s Kitchen website.

    People can pick their own virtual sprout on the site and send some to their friends and loved ones by entering their email address and donating £2 to Kids Company via text. These donations will go towards helping to alleviate the plight of the thousands of children living in food poverty in the UK.

    The six virtual sprouts, designed to be fun for kids and adults alike, each have a name and their own individual characters. They include a pirate sprout called Captain Sprout-about, an astronaut called Astro Sprout, and Mary Christmas, a sprout obsessed by Christmas.

    In return for being chosen, the sprouts provide updates to recipients on their stories and adventures in the run-up to Christmas.

    The campaign broke on Tuesday, December 2nd . The 60-second film, which was created and produced in-house at Havas Worldwide London, will run on YouTube as well as Ella’s Kitchen’s website and Facebook page

    Further to this, people can actually get their hands on real life versions of all the sprout characters through a pop-up ‘Sprout Shop’ conceived by Mischief PR. This will be in Covent Garden on Tues 2nd and Wed 3rd December.

    Mark Cuddigan, Joint Managing Director of Ella's Europe, said: “This Christmas we really wanted a campaign that would spread some Christmas cheer, but also highlight a serious message. We decided to make sprouts, a vegetable so often left on the dinner plate, the thing to give this year. Of course, thousands of children in the UK won't be getting a sprout or any sort of Christmas dinner. So for a small text donation to Kids Company, we can help them give the gift of Christmas to vulnerable children across the UK.”

    Russ Lidstone, CEO of Havas Worldwide said: “It's great working with Ella's Kitchen and supporting a charity like Kids Company, especially at such an important time of year”

    2014-12-04 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London promotes Lucy Powell as new Head of Film Havas Worldwide London has promoted Lucy Powell to the role of Head of Film.

    Powell replaces Leila Bartlam who is leaving the agency to join Iris.

    Powell has been a TV Producer at Havas Worldwide London since 2013.
    She joined the agency from JWT where worked as a TV Producer for almost three years. Prior to JWT, she spent over three-and-a-half years at BBH where she began her career.

    Powell will report to Russ Lidstone, the Havas Worldwide London Chief Executive, and lead a 20 strong film and content production team. She will oversee film and content production and work closely with the Executive Creative Director Mark Fairbanks to further strengthen the agency’s creative output in film.

    Russ Lidstone said: “Lucy is an exciting new generation of leader in film and TV. She's proven herself to be as excited by, and brilliant at, small scale video content creation through to large scale productions. It's great to have her lead the film team.“

    Powell said: “The film department at Havas comprises a group of dynamic, skilled and dedicated producers. I am delighted to have the opportunity to head up such a great department at an agency that supports and strongly believes in the importance of film.”

    2014-08-07 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London creates “The Jokes Appeal” for CLIC Sargent charity CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading charity for children and young people with cancer, is launching a new awareness and fundraising campaign.

    Created by Havas Worldwide London, the activity is based around the idea of “The Joke Appeal”, a nationwide appeal for people to submit their jokes.

    The Joke Appeal builds on the notion that laughter is a powerful thing that can bring people together and provide a moment’s relief for a young person living with cancer.

    The cinema, online, social and out-of-home campaign has a soft-launch in July and will continue until the end of August, when it culminates at the Edinburgh Fringe.

    Havas Worldwide has built an online hub to house submitted jokes and has recruited celebrity comedians such as Joe Wilkinson, Chris Ramsey and Simon Brodkin to help provide content and online reach. The more jokes that are submitted the more money the charity will raise.

    Awareness of the appeal is driven by a 90-second film which will be shown online and launch at cinemas nationwide on 11th July. The film launch will be supported by a structured social media campaign.

    CLIC Sargent’s campaign aims to create a better public understanding of the CLIC Sargent cause and impact, and particularly its support of 16-24 year olds, while raising money to help every young person with cancer that needs it.

    Russ Lidstone, CEO of Havas London, said 'We're very proud to work with CLIC Sargent. Not only because it's such a fantastic cause, but with the Joke Appeal it's refreshing to use something as uplifting as laughter to raise money; the support we've already received has demonstrated just how powerful laughter can be'.

    Liz North, Director of Communications and Campaigning at CLIC Sargent, said ‘Havas have created a really innovative awareness campaign in the Joke Appeal, to help us raise awareness and vital funds for our work with children and young people with cancer.

    It’s perhaps surprising, but laughter can be a really important in dealing with the challenges that cancer brings, and by donating their jokes, the public will be able to show their support for children and young people with cancer.’

    2014-07-09 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London puts daters in brown paper bags for loveflutter launch campaign Havas Worldwide London has concealed the faces of potential lovers with vividly decorated brown paper bags in a visually arresting campaign for a new dating app called loveflutter.

    The idea behind loveflutter is that it lets users choose potential dates based on quirky facts about themselves, rather than on how they look. Users’ profile pictures are initially blurred and only come into focus once the fact is read.

    Havas Worldwide brings this proposition to life by showing people and their quirky facts. The twist is that the facts are illustrated on paper bags, which are placed over the people’s heads, ensuring their anonymity is preserved.

    The ads also feature the hashtag #QuirkyMe and the strapline ‘Bye bye boring dating’, advising users the app is available on the App Store. There are nine different executions revealing facts such as ‘I was an extra in Flash Gordon’ and ‘I book into restaurants as Franz Kafka’.

    The campaign is running outdoors on regional sites across the UK

    Steve Marinker, Managing Director of Havas PR UK, said: “Initial attraction may often be down to looks alone, but successful dates are more likely where personalities match. Loveflutter recognises this, and our campaign brings its unique proposition of ‘intrigue first’ to life.”

    Daigo Smith, Co-Founder of Loveflutter, said: “Loveflutter is a dating approach with a difference, so we briefed Havas Worldwide London to create a campaign that would make us stand out. With this poster campaign, they’ve really achieved that.”

    The advertising is being backed with a PR campaign where hordes of Londoners (by Eros in Trafalgar Square) and New Yorkers take to the streets wearing paper bags on their heads, also created by Havas Worldwide London.

    2014-05-20 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London awarded prestigious IPA CPD Gold accreditation The IPA has awarded Havas Worldwide London with its Gold Accreditation for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) .
    IPA recognition for its employee initiatives follows Havas Worldwide London’s recent award as the Media Employer of the Year by Pathfinders Recruitment.
    The IPA judges recognised that Havas Worldwide had put in place a strong foundation for the development of its people. Judges praised the agency’s commitment to Creative Business tools alongside its Positive Psychology and Resilience training.
    Other employee initiatives that contributed to the Gold Standard award included the Havas London graduate programme and the agency’s commitment to the IPA’s Creative Pioneers and ‘Enternships’ intern programmes.
    The judges were also impressed by improvements to staff development and training that will be implemented in 2014. They added: “The entry gives the impression that this is an organisation prepared to acknowledge the challenges experienced by their employees and to attempt to give them practical tools with which to meet these challenges and to flourish.’
    Russ Lidstone, the chief executive of Havas Worldwide London, said: “Whilst there is always room for improvement, it’s worth taking a moment to enjoy the fact that our industry peers think we are top class in how we approach the improvement of our collective performance as a human capital business.”

    2014-04-07 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London wins organic baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen’s European advertising account Ella’s Kitchen, the organic baby and children’s food brand, has appointed Havas Worldwide London to handle their European advertising account, after a competitive pitch.

    This partnership will see Havas work to develop all the creative and digital activity for Ella’s Kitchen, starting with the launch of a new product range that will run in the UK, Europe, and the US.

    Founded in 2006, Ella’s Kitchen was the first brand to bring pouches to the baby food market. They currently have a 24% share of the wet baby food market (Nielsen value 13 w/e 28.12.14’), and their products, which are 100% organic, are sold in supermarkets in the UK, northern Europe and the US.

    Mark Cuddigan, Joint Managing Director of Ella’s Kitchen Europe, said: “We were all blown away by the team’s approach, creativity and integrated strategic thinking throughout the pitch process, and are extremely excited about working with Havas to further develop our brand.”

    Russ Lidstone, Havas Worldwide Chief Executive, said: “We’re very proud to have been chosen to work with Ella’s Kitchen. It’s such a fantastic brand with a real purpose, and it’s great to have the opportunity to help take this to the next stage.”

    2014-03-06 00:00:00
    Birds Eye enters new era with master brand campaign
  • Iglo Group launches “The Food of Life” campaign to champion real life, real food and real people as it aims to double the size of the business to €3.2bn by 2020
  • Group invests £60m on brand relaunch across Europe
  • UK media spend totals £16m – the UK’s biggest marketing investment to date
  • Digital to be a key focus with Birds Eye trebling spend in 2014
  • Leading UK food brand Birds Eye is unveiling a bold new advertising campaign to change the view of frozen food from ‘fall back’ to ‘first choice’. The breakthrough campaign is the first from Havas Worldwide London who were brought on board in November to help execute a new global brand positioning across all markets.

    Iglo Group is spending £60m on the brand re-launch which will include the roll out of a new logo and packaging across Europe to bring greater warmth and personality to its portfolio. In the UK Birds Eye will spend £5m on the launch phase of the campaign – and £16m on media over the year. It is also trebling digital spend in 2014 as part of its ambition to drive sales and build the brand’s reputation for great tasting food that can be enjoyed every day.

    Featuring conversations that unfold as food is cooked, shared and eaten, “The Food of life” campaign champions real food and the way real people eat and interact at meal times.

    Commenting on the campaign Birds Eye Managing Director Andy Weston-Webb said:

    “Research shows that meal times are one of the only moments in the day when households have a chance to come together and connect. Our campaign celebrates these moments and the powerful role food plays in everyday life.

    “To do this we sat with real families from across the UK for dinner and captured their natural mealtime conversations. The result is a campaign that is a genuine snapshot into real life, real food and real people.”

    The first three TV adverts will focus on Birds Eye’s most famous products including Fish Fingers and Field Fresh Peas, Chicken Grills and Bake to Perfection fish with two new major product launches supported later in the year. The Fish Fingers and Field Fresh Peas advert will be the first to appear and will be amplified with TV from Monday 3rd March and outdoor and cinema creative going live from the 10th.

    Adds Weston-Webb:

    “We wanted to create one highly emotional master brand campaign that would give us standout, instant brand recognition and place us firmly in the heart of UK meal times.”

    Commenting on the brand relaunch Havas Worldwide London CEO Russ Lidstone said:

    “We are delighted to launch ‘The Food of Life’ campaign for Iglo, following last year's pitch win. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to help build a brand, which is such a household name across Europe.”

    To support “The Food of Life” advertising campaign and to break down traditional barriers to shopping for frozen food in-store, Birds Eye is launching a digital hub to give people all the ingredients for a better mealtime.

    The digital tool will offer inspiration by providing sharable social content themed around specific meal occasions to enhance the total meal experience – from food and drink ideas to ambiance, topics of conversation and must-have accessories or props. Social and search and display will be used to raise awareness and engagement with the meals hub.

    The first TV campaign will air at 19:45 on ITV during Coronation Street.

    2014-03-04 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London hires new creative team from DLKW Lowe Havas Worldwide London has hired three creatives from DLKW Lowe to join executive creative director Mark Fairbanks, the new creative chief who recently arrived at the London agency from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.
    Christian Sewell and Andy McAnaney have been appointed as creative directors, and Jamie Craven as the head of design. At DLKW Lowe, Sewell was the head of art and McAnaney was his partner and a creative director. Craven previously held the same position at DLKW Lowe.
    The two new creative directors at Havas Worldwide London produced some of the most high profile work while at DLKW Lowe including The RAF, Trainline, Legoland and Cif. Prior to DLKW Lowe, the duo worked at DDB, and worked on Harvey Nichols, VW Beetle and NABS accounts. They won a Cannes Lions for their VW work.
    Craven, who was previously at Fallon as deputy head of design, developed the entire rebranding for BBC Radio and also worked on Tate Modern and Sony accounts.
    “The new hires will help take the agency’s creative reputation to the next level, and bring the highest standards in idea generation and craft across every medium,” said Fairbanks.
    The former AMB BBDO creative partner, who started his career as a copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather in 1990, spent 11 years at AMV and is known for his “reappraisal” Economist poster campaign and The Nightjar app for Wrigley. Fairbanks joined Havas Worldwide London as the new ECD in January this year.
    “Andy, Christian and Jamie share my belief in fusing big ideas with outstanding craft. Plus all three are top blokes. They will add enormously to the capabilities and culture we have here at Havas Worldwide London,” Fairbanks added.

    2014-01-29 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London hires Emily Somers as its new managing director Havas Worldwide London has hired Emily Somers from Leo Burnett to the new role of managing director and bolstered its client services offering with an internal promotion.

    Somers, who was previously head of account management at Leo Burnett, reports into Havas Worldwide London chief executive Russ Lidstone. It is the first time that Lidstone has had an MD.

    Somers will take responsibility for some senior client relationships and will work alongside Lidstone and strategy director Anthony Edwards on strengthening the agency’s integrated offering.

    Separately, Gareth Davies, the head of account management, has been promoted to the role of client services director. Davies has been with Havas Worldwide London for six years and has led the Reckitt Benckiser, Citroën, and EDF accounts.

    Somers, who first joined Leo Burnett in 2009, ran a department of 70 people as head of account management and was also client service director for the agency’s McDonald’s account. Prior to joining Leo Burnett, she worked for 7 years at Red Bee Media across all BBC brands.

    Lidstone said: “'We have a wealth of talent at Havas Worldwide London and it's great to be able to recognise this by promoting Gareth into a broader agency management role and to strengthen it by bringing someone with Emily's calibre into the agency as managing director. With our uniquely integrated proposition it's critical that we have truly agnostic thinkers and hugely personable leaders like Emily and Gareth.”

    2013-12-05 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London voted UK’s best media employer Havas Worldwide London has been awarded Pathfinders Media Employer of the Year. The award, created by Pathfinders recruitment, is the UK’s only annual award, which recognises media companies’ ability to inspire and develop their staff. The finalists for 2013 included Frank PR, PHD and Kindred.
    The selection and awards process requires agencies to submit written submissions, with shortlisted agencies interviewed by a panel of expert judges from a range of HR and agency backgrounds. Testimonials and evidence of business effect are required as part of the process.
    Russ Lidstone, CEO, Havas Worldwide London said: “"Our culture and people are our most important assets and fundamental to our success as a creative business. I’m really proud that our company initiatives, approach to staff engagement, career progression and motivation has been recognised with this prestigious award."

    Havas Worldwide (which also has offices in Manchester and Edinburgh) provides its employees with a range of benefits ranging from an annual free summer music festival and free fry ups, through to all agency positive psychology courses and career specific training. It also recruits staff from a variety of sources including apprenticeship schemes and an internship focussed graduate scheme.
    Havas Worldwide employs 230 at its Alfred Place office in London and 30 in Manchester/Edniburgh

    2013-11-25 00:00:00
    Havas Worldwide London lures Mark Fairbanks as new ECD Havas Worldwide London has appointed the AMV BBDO creative partner, Mark Fairbanks as its new executive creative director.

    Fairbanks joins the agency with a remit to continue to build the agency’s creative profile and will report to CEO Russ Lidstone. He replaces Mick Mahoney who left in May to become executive creative director at RKCR/Y&R.

    Fairbanks comes to Havas Worldwide London after 11 years with AMV BBDO, having worked on several of the agency’s higher profile and creatively demanding accounts including Guinness, The Economist, Doritos, Eurostar, Snickers, and the Department of Health.

    Russ Lidstone, the chief executive of Havas Worldwide London said: “Mark is a naturally integrated thinker as well as hugely talented creative leader. He’s a top bloke, a team player and someone who has proven himself across a range of clients and channels. He joins at a great time for the agency.”

    “I see enormous potential for the agency and the opportunity to build from a position of strength,” added Fairbanks. “Russ and the team have huge plans for the agency, a vision that is genuinely exciting plus the energy and the drive to see it through. That is something I really want to be part of.”

    Fairbanks started his career at Ogilvy & Mather, joining in 1990 as a copywriter. He went on to become a creative director and was the youngest electee to the O&M board at the age of 27. He left O&M in 2001 and had a two-year stint at Leagas Delaney before joining AMV BBDO. He has won over 160 major national and international creative awards.

    He was promoted to the AMV BBDO board as creative director in 2005 and was made creative partner in 2011. During his time at AMV BBDO, he created many award-winning campaigns including Wrigley’s ‘The Nightjar’ app; Guinness Extra Cold TV work, including remakes of Surfer, Snails and the revival of Rutger Hauer; the ‘Reappraisal’ poster campaign for The Economist; The Museum of Childhood campaign; Doritos’ Mariachi campaign.

    2013-11-21 00:00:00
    Maggie’s names Havas Worldwide London as agency of record Maggie’s is the charity that offers emotional, practical and social support for anyone affected by cancer, has appointed Havas Worldwide London as its UK digital and advertising agency.

    Havas won the business in a competitive pitch against six other agencies and is already developing work for the charity.

    Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centers are places with a growing reputation for supporting people with cancer and their friends and family, through an evidence-based and comprehensive programme of support. Sitting and working alongside NHS cancer hospitals and complementing the clinical support they offer, Maggie’s now has 16 centers across the UK and ambitious plans for expansion.

    Maggie’s has brought all its communications under one agency for the first time with the appointment of Havas.

    The agency has been tasked with developing campaigns and communications for the organisation, as well as rebranding its website, in order to reach and support more people with cancer as well as addressing the charity’s fundraising communications needs.

    Sarah Matthews, Director of Marketing at Maggie’s, stated Maggie’s is at an important stage of its development as it expands its programme of support to reach more people with cancer throughout the UK. It was essential to us that we appointed an agency that understands the challenges and opportunities which Maggie’s is expanding to meet - and which would develop communications to connect with our audiences coherently and creatively. We are delighted that Havas London will be working with Maggie’s as we embark on this next period of growth.

    Russ Lidstone, CEO of Havas London, says: “Maggie’s does extraordinary work providing practical and emotional support for people affected by cancer. Their decision to bring all communications under a single agency for the first time will provide a real boost to awareness and fundraising for Maggie’s. We are privileged to have been selected take them to the next level.”

    2013-09-10 00:00:00
    Euro RSCG London launches the 'Helping Roger Federer Relax since 1981' TV campaign featuring a ‘never seen before’ side of Roger Federer for Credit Suisse Euro RSCG London has launched global TV campaign for Credit Suisse on the back of the highly regarded international press, poster and digital campaign featuring Roger Federer. The TV campaign, which launches in May, was shot by film director Jordan Scott, Ridley Scott’s daughter. The ads also feature an original soundtrack composed by David Arch working alongside Mark Campbell and performed live by several well known jazz musicians including Guy Barker.

    “Making a silent film about somebody doing absolutely nothing is a real challenge. Jordan’s beautiful images capture that serenity but inject a compelling note of tension and intrigue. ”

    The ads show Federer seemingly ‘without a care in the world’ despite being interrupted by unusual diversions. The idea is to highlight that Credit Suisse enables the Tennis Ace to really enjoy his precious time off without worrying about his finances. The TV campaign will run in 45 and 30 second ads on Eurosport and National Geographic in Europe, Asia and America. The ad also appears online and in airport digital media.

    The press and poster campaign which launched in January during the Australian Open was shot by the world famous photographer Mario Testino. Testino captures Federer as he has never been seen before; completely natural and relaxed, far away from the world's centre courts.

    Gerry Moira, Chairman, Euro RSCG London said; "As one of the world's most successful athletes, Roger attracts a number of high profile sponsors. The task for Credit Suisse is to establish a differentiated aspect of Roger to develop and own. We don't need to remind the world that Roger is good at tennis, merely point out that Credit Suisse has been delivering financial peace of mind to this talented young Swiss since his early days. It's a closer, more natural relationship and the Testino images capture that." 

    2011-06-08 07:23:20
    EURO RSCG LONDON LAUNCHES IMMERSIVE ANIMATION FOR CHIVAS REGAL 25 YEAR OLD Euro RSCG London has launched an online film telling the story of Chivas Regal 25 Year Old, the world’s first ‘luxury’ whisky, over 100 years after it was first born. . By creating 3D style imagery, the 3 minute film immerses people within the historic storyline of Chivas Regal 25 Year Old, from its debut in New York in 1909 through the 20th century until its rebirth in 2007.

    The narrator Joseph Fiennes takes the viewer through the story of how Chivas Regal 25 Year Old was born, prospered and then disappeared due to Prohibition and the Great Depression. The film moves through historical black and white imagery to the colour of the present day where Master Blender Colin Scott whose passion re created the legacy of Chivas Regal 25 Year Old for it’s relaunch in 2007.
    Executive Creative Director, Mick Mahoney says; “This film was a labour of love. It took 8 painstaking months to produce, and really does do justice to quality and craftsmanship of the whisky itself.”
    Film Club Productions created the film and manipulated archive Getty images in After Effects to create the 3D style imagery which pulls people into the story of Chivas Regal 25 Year Old. The Chivas Regal 25 Year Old bottle was created using Maya and is therefore CG 3D (computer generated). 

    2011-06-08 07:10:38