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Founded in: 1973


Holding: The Interpublic Group of Companies (New York, United States)

Employees: 120

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Av. Coruña E11-75 y Av.Orellana Edificio Albra 608
Phone: (+593) -2-382-6147

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Mayo Publicidad

Av. Coruña E11-75 y Av.Orellana Edificio Albra 608
Phone: (+593) -2-382-6147

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About the Agency Mayo Publicidad

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Our promise is to deliver a Return on Ideas SM for our clients. We've built our new agency model to bring together the complementary expertise of two powerhouse agencies, Draft and FCB. Our clients want creative solutions to real business problems, so we are equally focused on both Accountability and Creativity. We embrace risk, but take responsibility- fueling our creativity with analytics to give clients what they have never had before: Risk and Responsibility. That is what sets Draftfcb apart and allows us to deliver our version of ROI: Return on Ideas. We deliver on this promise by organizing the team in a cross-functional structure we call The WheelSM. All departments, and the client, have a seat at the table and are focused on the consumer and the behavior we want to affect. The Wheel is media-agnostic and channel-neutral. There are no silos, no above-the-line, no below-the-line and no turf battles, because it all rolls up to one P&L. We are quick to market, because we work in a parallel process rather than sequentially. We tackle our key steps together, with The Wheel team around one table, avoiding hand offs from department to department. We follow a simple and effective process from Insight to Incite SM which turns inspiration into motivation. The process sparks big ideas, and big ideas bring big returns. We focus on selling products today and building brands over time and finding creative solutions for real business issues. And we do this for our clients around the world, with our global network of 180 offices in 110 countries and approximately 9,000 employees.

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