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5835 Callaghan Road Suite 600
San Antonio Texas 78228
United States
Phone: (+1) 210 696-1099

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Core Competencies: Marketing/Creative Services, Recruitment/Motivation, Events/Sponsoring, Multicultural, Hispanic-American

Founded in: 1994

Awards: 3

Clients: 5

The Cartel Group

5835 Callaghan Road Suite 600
San Antonio Texas 78228
United States
Phone: (+1) 210 696-1099

Rosario Garza

Executive Creative Director

Phone: (+1) 210-696-1099

F. Salas

President/Executive Producer

Phone: (+1) 210-606-1099

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About the Agency The Cartel Group

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Our Core Strategic Philosophy is that every single person in the world has a Culture-View... It is created by the way we have grown up, the experiences we have had and our reactions to them. The resulting Culture-View is the context in which we understand and relate to any given situation. Think of it as a "lens" or filter which, based on each person's background, changes the perspective he or she has on any given situation. We operate by the conviction that uncovering these neglected/untapped key Culture-Views that affect consumer behavior is where the biggest opportunities in the Latino market reside. At The Cartel, we are masters at detecting the most salient, most profit-bearing Culture-Views and have learned to frame them correctly in the right Latino consumer context. We also believe it is our responsibility to create a powerful Brandframe that will make our clients' competition obsolete. Our Core Business Philosophy is to provide intimate and powerfully strategic stewardship of our Clients' business through all it's facets with a dedicated, specialized team who becomes an extension of our Client's marketing department and seamless with other agencies. It is our responsibility to detect and adjust to anything that can affect our Client's growth goals in "real time". We also see our Clients as people, not accounts. We believe that good chemistry based on exceptional service and mutual professional respect is a key element in any successful client-agency relationship. We also believe there is nothing more important than achieving superior results.
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