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Coconut Grove, United States
TitleThe Glad Tent
Campaign The Glad Tent
Advertiser The Clorox Company
Brand Glad ForceFlex
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Business Sector Plastic Bags, Trash Bags

Glad has always been a brand that promises a stronger stand against waste, they were already innovating around 2 of the 3 R’s: Reduce (by utilizing less plastic in our bags¬) and Recycle (by supporting recycling programs, like Keep America Beautiful and creating specialized products). But the question remained: how could they apply the 3rd R (Reuse) to their bags?

Additionally, although the kitchen is usually their domain and Women (homemakers) are their target, we wanted to go broader (waste happens everywhere!) and younger (connect with consumers before and as they enter the category).

So we came up with an idea that would help the brand and their target take the fight against waste from the kitchen to the (outside) world, applying the “Reuse” principle to their product and building a relevant connection with Millennials.

And so The Glad Tent was born, a product intended to be used as a tent during Music Festivals (where people camp for days), and as a bag, at the end of the Festival, to dispose of people’s trash. This way Glad would make the stand against waste – even when people are just thinking of having fun – easier and cooler. 


Every year tons of trash are left behind at music festival's campsites.  Austin City Limits, Bonaroo and Wakaruka alone generated 707 tons of trash in 1 year. 



Capitalizing on the extreme resistance of Glad ForceFlex trash bags, we created The Glad Tent.  The first sleeping tent that's a trash bag and the first trash bag that's also a tent. 

We took them to SXSW and gave them awary to fans who were camping, with the condition that they would use them to throw away the trash they generated during the festival.


We made the camping experience a greener one by helping fans leave the campsite asw they found it: CLEAN. 

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