TitleBlack Ops II Launch Campaign
Campaign Black Ops II Launch Campaign
Advertiser Activision
Brand Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Video Games/Consoles

After successfully making MW3 the biggest entertainment property in 2011, our challenge for 2012 was to exceed the prior record-breaking year: 

  • 8 Million Pre-orders
  • Make $1 Billion in the first 5 Days
  • Make Call of Duty: Black Ops II the biggest entertainment launch in history for the 4th year in a row.

For Black Ops II we expanded the digital ecosystem and built upon the dynamic community driven hub to deliver the continuity across the marketing beats by:

  • Motivating sharing
  • Leveraging mobile as a key channel
  • Activating the core to engage Grow/Protect segments
  • Uniting the global community

TEASE - Classified Dashboard

The strategy was simple; create a rich user experience to engage and leverage the core in spreading buzz and anticipation.

The execution was made successful by creating a Classified Dashboard by way of an interactive hub. There was no Black Ops II branding,  but  rather daily leaks of video clips, looped animated gifs & images, sounds bytes, etc.. All elements were teased - from the future weapons to the reveal time and date, user intrigue was imminent.  With each new asset social networks blew up within seconds with fan trying to decipher the clues.

We utilized FPS Russia, a top 10 youtube channel, with a secret Quadrotor prototype video demo. It teased at Black Ops II future technology and featured a t-shirt with ‘Tacitus’ logo, the weapons manufacturer from the game. Logo was also on the tease site with no direct connection to the video, leaving users to find all the pieces and make connections/assumptions.

Social Media Post

Created a unique and highly designed infographic to activate the core and have them reminisce about the excitement of the original Black Ops Nuketown Multiplayer map.  Drove excitement and pre-order of Black Ops II

Mobile focused on Video Views, resulting in 40% of all you tube video views coming from mobile. 

Global bar provides addition call to actions to pre-order. Persistent sharing tools and links out to the full Black Ops II ecosystem and social community.

Launch Campaign included live video and social feeds from Germany multi-player event, new destinations for gaming trailers and tv spots, and a launch site that harnessed the worldwide excitement around the midnight launch of the game.  Live streams from around the world and massive social engagement led to record-breaking site traffic and sales.

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