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Campaign Strategy

LeBron James came to us in need of a new website. But how do you empower an athlete who’s already one of the most digitally engaged and powerful celebrities on the web? By sharing that power.

Celebrity websites are often static sites focused on the public figure, but we handed the keys to LebronJames.com over to the fans. We turned the site into a platform where the people could voice their opinions—good or bad.

We crafted an all-new online fan experience integrating all of LeBron’s digital properties (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Fans could post comments, photos or videos, which could become featured content.  And the more site content you create, the more rewards you get. On LebronJames.com, the fan has as much a chance to be the star as LeBron himself.

Use of Media

Rather than create a site that’s just another piece of LeBron’s digital strategy, we created a site that’s at the center of it. We transformed the site into his online hub. Every piece of social media and online content involving LeBron revolves around and flows through LeBronJames.com. Instead of a making the site tightly controlled and guarded, we opted for total transparency.

And, in addition to making LeBron James more accessible to fans it, we made him more accessible to brands. The new site platform integrates unique branding opportunities, so now companies that don’t have the budgets of Nike or Coke can team up with one of the world’s biggest athletes. 

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