Ferndale, United States

Basic Info

Core Competencies: Full Service, Marketing/Creative Services, Events/Sponsoring, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design, Strategy and Planning, Healthcare, Financial, Institutional/Public Interest/Nonprofit, Travel and Tourism, Consumer

Founded in: 2006

Employees: 10

Awards: 5

Creative Work: 4

Clients: 7

Contact Information

22757 Woodward Suite 250
Ferndale Michigan 48301
United States
Phone: (+1) 248.414.7400

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22757 Woodward Suite 250
Ferndale Michigan 48301
United States
Phone: (+1) 248.414.7400

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About the Agency Topolewski

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
We're in business to create ideas. Ideas that solve problems, influence opinions and bring desired effects for our clients. Like great advertising is supposed to do.

Because somewhere along the way, delivering great ideas got hard. It got complicated, and expensive, and took a long time because the process became littered with "stuff." Stuff like layers of redundancy, silos, holding companies, ass kissing, over-analysis, fear...stuff like that.

Partners Gary Topolewski and John Van Osdol spent most of the past 30 years at the big agencies, building major brands. And they've won every major award out there - in spite of all the "stuff." Now, at Topolewski, they've created a better way.

Hire smart people. Eliminate the "stuff." Put seasoned pros and new talent together. Stir. The result is pure, unfiltered ideas for our clients, ideas that are better and more effective.

Most marketers are starving for ideas that are "outside the box."

We just say, get a better box.
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