TitlePizza Legends create your legend
Campaign Pizza Legends
Advertiser Domino's Pizza
Brand Domino's Pizza
PostedFebruary 2016
Business Sector Restaurants & Fast Food
Story How we strengthened brand affinity, drove sales growth and order value, and built upon our market-leading credentials in delivery service innovation for Domino's Pizza in 2015. And picked up a Campaign Media Award along the way; the focus of which is celebrating and rewarding brilliant and inspiring creative media ideas.
Philosophy Pizza Legends was born [https//www.pizzalegends.co.uk/] Customers could not only choose their own toppings, they could also name, fame, add a bit of ‘magic’ and enter their pizza into a Legends Hall of Fame. Their unique Pizza Legend code could be shared with friends and purchased time and again.
To make it happen we had to deliver personalisation in our communications too. We delivered tailored, segment-specific copy for our core audiences and by matching programme targeting to the most appropriate Pizza Legends creation. Leveraging a Hollyoaks sponsorship, the soap’s stars created their own Legends; shared and promoted via social media. We invited YouTubers Oli White, Rose & Rosie, and Spencer & Alex to create their Legends in the Dominos test kitchen, which we filmed for their subscribers. Finally, VOD formats pulled the tool into video players for an instant personal experience. 
Problem Dominos set us three challenges at the start of 2015: to strengthen brand affinity, to drive sales growth by increasing average order value, and to build our market-leading credentials in delivery service innovation. We knew that no family, couple or friendship group were the same and their reasons for choosing Domino’s were individual. So we decided to get personal. Everyone in marketing was talking about personalisation; we had to deliver it with authenticity that was rooted in customer experience. 
Result Quickly 50 percent of pizza eaters were aware of Pizza Legends – with this figure notably higher amount our core family audience. Over 200,000 Legends were created with 26% purchased. Organic social reach increased by 41 percent over the period.
Legend users scored higher across all brand measures and sales doubled during the campaign period, with the average value of a Legend pizza being 38 percent higher than the norm. Brand affinity, order value and service innovation? Tick, tick and tick. That’s legendary. 
Media Type Case Study
More Information www.pizzalegends.co.uk

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