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32500 Monterey Drive
Union City California 94587
United States
Phone: (+1) 510 684-2090

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Sagon-Phior, San Francisco

32500 Monterey Drive
Union City California 94587
United States
Phone: (+1) 510 684-2090

Rick Rasay

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About Sagon-Phior, San Francisco

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Two Words: Emotional Connection

We believe in the power of emotional connection. Ideas that evoke strong emotions can attract attention, build confidence, inspire loyalty, motivate action and ensure success. That’s why we’re committed to ideas that not only break through the clutter of today’s crowded media, but ideas that also break through the resistance that media has produced.

In a confusing environment, solutions for a brand must come organically out of the brand itself, some fundamental truth about it. A brand’s success comes from rigorously and clearly defining that truth, and delivering it in a way that deeply connects to people, regardless of conflicting stimuli.

While others might ask what makes communication clever, funny or memorable, we ask how an idea emotionally connects with an audience and whether it will engender feelings strong enough to compel someone to act. It is this single-minded focus that differentiates us from every other agency.

Feelings drive behavior.

The way people think about a brand does not make them act. The way they feel about a brand does. Especially the way a brand makes them feel about themselves. Does it make them feel more appealing, secure or empowered? These are the questions we ask every time we begin a new challenge. 

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