Havas Village Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa

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33 Ballyclare drive
Johannesburg 2194
South Africa
Phone: (+27) 11 549 36 04

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Havas Village Johannesburg

33 Ballyclare drive
Johannesburg 2194
South Africa
Phone: (+27) 11 549 36 04

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About Havas Village Johannesburg

We believe that brands need to re-connect with consumers and approach marketing differently in order to be meaningful today and tomorrow. As a result, we are a strategic media and marketing solutions agency that considers and executes across all consumer touch points, solving business problems for our clients. Our Meaningful Brands proposition ensures that we focus on a consumer first approach to best connect brands with people, while looking for the optimal and most efficient solution; evaluating existing assets and building from there outwards. We also believe in long term, sustainable relationships and are dedicated to transforming our clients' businesses.

Havas Media today is data driven in everything we do and obsessive about proving the effectiveness of media. As a result, we are the only UK media agency group to have a Chief Data Officer and data consultancy sitting at the heart of the agency. This means we are able to prepare clients for a more data driven world, connecting together clients’ digital data, customer data and in-store data to build a single consumer platform that can feed all marketing activities. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
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Network Description

At Havas, we have transformed the way we work and serve our clients, embodying a fully integrated and agile model through the implementation of our #BetterTogether strategy and the opening of our 50 Havas Villages, where creative and media work together to ensure that the key message is going to be delivered at the right moment of the consumer journey. It is more than just grouping together different agencies and talents under one roof. It represents a new way of approaching our clients problems: using cross-functional working without constraints of P&Ls or silos, and enabling a complete 360 degree business focused view where we speak with our clients as a team with a common goal.

Havas Media Group gathers together the media talent within Havas, it is made up of three media brands, Havas Media, Arena Media and FullSIX Media.

Our main media brands benefit from the specialised expertise across the Havas Group including Artemis Alliance (the group’s global data capacity), Mobext (mobile network), Socialyse (social media), Adcity (mobile OOH) and Affiperf (programmatic solutions). On the content marketing side we have Havas Sports & Entertainment, Cake (London and New York) and Havas Productions.

As content is key we also workclosely with our specialist teams at Havas Sports & Entertainment, the industry’s largest global brand engagement network.

This flexible corporate structure aligns with our clients’ needs by creating a unified culture with teams that are able to focus on delivering client value rather than reporting into large brand hierarchies.

As a result we are more agile, nimble and fast, as integration to this level speeds up the flow of information.

All teams and clients have fast and full access to our specialist knowledge through our range of digital, branded content, experiential and sports brands. 

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