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TitleDeuses de Dois Mundos (“Gods of Both Worlds”)
Campaign Deuses de Dois Mundos (“Gods of Both Worlds”)
Advertiser PJ Pereira
Brand Deuses de Dois Mundos (“Gods of Both Worlds”)
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The first book, The Book of Silence, in the trilogy Deuses de dois Mundos (Gods of Both Worlds) written by PJ Pereira will be available in stores on November 25th.

The book trailer, directed by Laundry’s Anthony Liu was released on November 20th and captures all the drama, sensuality and violence of the original myths that inspired the trilogy. The trailer features a special track by Brazilian singer Otto, percussionist Pupillo with special participation by Brazilian guitar player, Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and narration by the legendary Brazilian singer, songwriter, politician and activist, Gilberto Gil.

Tour dates include Sao Paulo/Nov 25, Brasilia/Nov 27 and Rio/Nov 28.

Additionally, a movie deal has been negotiated with The Alchemists’s Mauricio Motta, who bought the rights and the franchise in Brazil and the U.S. and will be produced by Disruption Entertainment (producers of Pacific Rim, The Bourne Trilogy) .


Synopsis: The Book of Silence

In ancient Africa, Orunmila, the greatest prophet of all time, doesn’t understand why his divination tools went quiet. In our time, a young journalist rides the busy streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, trying to escape a mission that shouldn’t have been his. In the first book of the series, mythical kings, queens and warriors like Ogum, Shango, Oshosi and Iansan work alongside modern day mortals to rescue the 16 princes of fate in a surprising and original narrative of West African gods and goddesses worshiped insome regions of Brazil today. 



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Soundtrack Original track by Otto and Pupillo
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