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Block C, 1st Floor Hobart Square 10 Hobart Road
South Africa
Phone: (+27) (011) 463 2413

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Awards: 7


Block C, 1st Floor Hobart Square 10 Hobart Road
South Africa
Phone: (+27) (011) 463 2413

James Moffatt


About promise

Promise is an independent communications agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Here at Promise, we've got a simple strategy: let the most effective idea lead.


Because great ideas are the lowest common denominator in any success story – ideas go beyond functional delivery areas and rally us together around greatness. Whether it be a crazy, ingenious, smart or seemingly-impossible idea, the ideas that matter are the ones that make a difference to bottom line growth and deliver on our clients objectives.

We are not precious, we love to be challenged – without a good challenge, where is the room for creativity to shine?

It is our insatiable curiosity that drives us forward in the pursuit of the remarkable. Remarkable creative work transcends platforms, channels and mediums. At Promise it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, with a sceptical strategic department specialising in brand and media consulting, we apply rigorous strategic thinking to each and every project, no matter the size.

At Promise we treasure each and every client. We go out of our way (that is each and every employee) to go above and beyond, always ensuring our clients’ brands are that much more valuable than they were yesterday. 


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