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1751, Richardson #3108
Montreal Quebec H3K 1G6
Phone: (+1) 514-847-0757

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Founded in: 2007

Clients: 10


1751, Richardson #3108
Montreal Quebec H3K 1G6
Phone: (+1) 514-847-0757

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About the Agency Terrain

We specialize in consumer products, customer interaction and overall experiences. At Terrain, we believe that marketing is the meeting of brand and consumer. This conviction means our creative thinking is always based on market realities, respects the opinion of the consumer onsite and understands what influences purchase behaviour. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Terrain practices productive marketing, an approach exclusive to our agency. Productive marketing does not borrow from any trend. It is a combination of 3 elements that, together, ensure your returns.

A 5-point planning method that allows us to structure and provide relevance to our creative work;6 principles adhered to by each member of our team as well as our clients. These principles are our guide to productive and harmonious business relationships.

The terrain... being in the field is crucial. The actual physical marketplace—whether in-store, on the corner or in the parking lot—is where we engage, listen and get involved. Understanding our clients’ terrain guarantees a distinctive creative product adapted to each of our client’s reality.

Regardless of the methods and fads of the moment, our clients want results. To do this, each action must be productive and not reactive. 

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