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New York, United States
TitleThe Bad News
Campaign The Bad News
Advertiser Vileda
Brand Vileda
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The mop is a Spanish invention that revolutionised people’s housework methods. Vileda was the brand that "democratised" the mop by marketing it at an affordable price. The company celebrated 40 years since it launched its first mop on the market in November 2014. This was a milestone that Vileda wanted the mass media to talk about. However, the anniversary of the mop was not interesting enough to the media on its own merits, which is why we needed to generate interest by way of a special action to attempt media attention. IDEA People in Spain have always spread out sheets of newspaper when they have just mopped the floor to protect it from dirty footprints. With this insight in mind, "The Bad News" was born, a limited edition newspaper containing 40 years of news that deserved to be stepped on. In other words: a newspaper expressly designed to be walked over when you have just mopped the floor, containing some of the worst news announced over the last four decades. Because, if a newspaper is going to be stepped on, what better than to use one that contains only bad news instead of continuing to step indiscriminately on both good and bad news? Even more so in a country where there has been no shortage of bad news in recent years. "The Bad News" was divided into the usual sections we find in newspapers, and each news story was written in a journalistic style but with an amusing touch. These dealt with, among others, events like the Prestige catastrophe, the numerous increases in the unemployment rate we have seen in recent years, the start of the financial crisis, cases of corruption in Spain, the Azores summit, the death of the albino gorilla Snowflake and some of the Spain national football team's darkest moments. This made the piece a tribute to the brand's mop and also to all of us, who are still standing after so many years of bad news. “The Bad News” was sent to journalists and influencers all over Spain. It was also distributed at some of the busiest office lobbies so that it would be stepped on by the largest possible number of people. RESULTS "The Bad News" received more than 31,500,000 impacts, reaching 72% of the target and achieving an earned value of €185,549 based on an initial investment of €7,000 (ROI=€26.4). Digital media, magazines, radio channels and printed media such as "El Mundo" published the news and talked about the 40th anniversary of the mop. A number of TV channels interviewed Vileda and Proximity Barcelona. Even CNN International carried information about the campaign. 

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