Boulogne-Billancourt, France

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93, rue Nationale
Boulogne-Billancourt 92513
Phone: (+33) 01 41 23 41 94

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Creative Work: 5

Clients: 12


93, rue Nationale
Boulogne-Billancourt 92513
Phone: (+33) 01 41 23 41 94
Brune Failliot

Brune Failliot

Account Director

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About the Agency BBDO Beau

Because luxury brands need to be listened to and receive individual attention to nurture strategy, innovation, creation and production

Because, beyond structures, brands need to share with their patrons a taste, an aesthetic, an experience and a culture of their environment 


There are so many to choose from: Français? Español? What does BBDO Beau prefer? Edit
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

1. A cultural approach of BEAUtiful

BBDO Beau will always have a bead on what makes a brand unique, its know-how, its history, its design. Its cultural mark.

2. A universal approach of BEAUtiful

Because our strategic planning and our network BBDO are strong, we always try to build our brands around universal ideas, and to support their development worldwide.

3. A creative approach of BEAUtiful

New media and dialog between the consumers and their brands open fields of expression. BBDO explores these new forms of expression. 

Network Description

Paris, London, Milan, New York, Moscow, Dubai, Dehli, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Johannesburg 

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