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7920 Norfolk Avenue #701
Bethesda Maryland 20814
United States
Phone: (+1) 202 688-3242

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Core Competencies: Others

Founded in: 2007

Employees: 15


7920 Norfolk Avenue #701
Bethesda Maryland 20814
United States
Phone: (+1) 202 688-3242

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About the Agency GeniusRocket

GeniusRocket is a creative video agency powered by a curated crowd. In other words, we're the perfect blend of two dramatically different creative models: We bring the talent, affordability, and speed of the crowdsourcing world together with the quality, privacy, and creative direction you expect from a world class agency.

By working with us, you can tap into the brilliant minds of close to 600 creative professionals, consisting of the best production companies, animation houses, writers, and creative directors in the country. We ensure your video is a success by overseeing every step of the process, from the first spark of an idea to the final distribution and analysis of a campaign. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Quality Creativity. With close to 600 video professionals in our community who we’ve carefully vetted for their experience and expertise, you’re ensured to get a wide variety of original, quality, and high-impact ideas to choose from.

Affordability. Our innovative business model ensures your campaign will cost a fraction of what a traditional agency would charge.

Speed. We meet client’s tight deadlines and can complete projects in record-breaking speeds.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We get it. Crowdsourcing is still seen as disruptive, and you may perceive it as risky. That’s why we’ll sacrifice all of our time and resources until you’re absolutely elated with your video campaign. 

Concept validation. Besides a wide scope of brilliant video concepts, you’ll also know they’ll maximize brand value and strongly impact your target audience through GeniusRocket's expertise.

Privacy. Your project is private and protected by NDAs, allowing you to disclose messaging and strategies you would never be able to release within a crowdsourcing contest environment.

Network Description

Our clients consist of big to small brands, non-profits, and organizations. There is no service line that we can't provide brilliant video solutions for, whether it be a promotional video, tutorial, webisode, or any other video category.

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