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36-38 The Calls
Leeds West Yorkshire LS2 7EW
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) (0)113 238 5075

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Awards: 9

McGrath O'Toole

36-38 The Calls
Leeds West Yorkshire LS2 7EW
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) (0)113 238 5075

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About the Agency McGrath O'Toole

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We don’t:


Do pretence or pomp.

Bamboozle people with smoke & mirrors strategy and nonsense marketing-speak.

Nod and say ‘yes’ as standard.

Jump on bandwagons – professing specialism in the next ‘big thing’ in marketing.

Think we know everything. For example; our clients know their industry far better than we do. We’ll entrench ourselves in clients’ industries in order that we can do what we do best.

Think it’s unacceptable to pitch.

Believe that we can truly create what we create, without having a full understanding of our clients’ issues.

Enjoy boring the pants off people with excessively lengthy presentations designed to show how clever we are (‘death by PowerPoint’).


We do:


Openness and honesty – sometimes brutally.

Believe in thorough, creative planning and working in tried & tested processes. We’ll always add that to gut feelings based on decades of experience doing this.

Believe that the best long-term, healthy and prosperous client relationships are borne out of mutual respect.

Believe that everything starts with an idea. Without a clearly thought out, creative brand message, there’s little point in talking about channels.

Know how to create effective creative strategies and executions, regardless of the sector, the product, or the service.

Pitch. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to put our money where our mouths are. Though we don’t believe in pitching alongside a dozen agencies. No sense in it and waste of everyone’s time and money.

Work in shops and in factories; get on the road with our clients’ sales teams.

Like giving succinct presentations of our ideas – getting right to the point.

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