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Antwerp, Belgium

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Core Competencies: Marketing/Creative Services

Awards: 3

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Frankrijklei 112
Antwerp 2000
Phone: (+32) 3 260 64 70

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Frankrijklei 112
Antwerp 2000
Phone: (+32) 3 260 64 70

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About the Agency Dallas

Dallas Antwerp is a no-nonsense communication agency that comes up with creative ideas which generate return on investment for brands. In a trendy meeting room, that would sound like ‘An idea agency that drives ROI.’ Because creativity is a means, not a goal in itself. We briefly summarized this vision for Dallas as: ROMI², Return On Marketing Investment Squared. Ambitious? Yep. Communication efforts of brands usually lead to views, clicks, likes, shares, website visits… in short: tangible leads. But where do all those leads lead to? And more specifically: what profiles and people are behind the leads? Dallas Antwerp goes beyond where other agencies stop. Powerful statement, you say? Indeed, so how exactly do we do this? By splitting leads according to their clicking and searching behavior, we know exactly what ideas and content are relevant for which profiles. And above all: at what time. We measure this real-time. In that way, we design a brand & customer journey which results in strong and long-lasting relationships between brands and people. With the ultimate goal: Return On Marketing Investment. Every single time. Because creative content that does not lead to results, is wasted content. And money, unfortunately yours. Welcome to Dallas Antwerp. 


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