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57B Ethnikis Antistaseos
Chalandri 15231
Phone: 211 1060100

Basic Info

Core Competencies: Marketing/Creative Services, Strategy and Planning, Institutional/Public Interest/Nonprofit, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Retail, Entertainment, Consumer

Founded in: 2011

Employees: 120

Awards: 18

Creative Work: 4

Clients: 16

The Newtons Laboratory

57B Ethnikis Antistaseos
Chalandri 15231
Phone: 211 1060100

About The Newtons Laboratory

We are The Newtons Laboratory, a.k.a. the Newtons and we are an independent agency.

We were founded in 2011 in the apex of the crisis and precisely because of that, we were born to find solutions and to correspond to challenges.

To do so, our doors are always open to:

Society and world-changing ideas.
People-focused ideas to their core.
Creative strategies that actually affect people’s behavior.
Ideas that “rock-the-boat” while respecting people and the environment.
Ideas that truly add value to brands.
Being your unique self and expressing it in your own way.
Ambitious people that never stop loving and respecting this great business we’re in.
New creative opportunities and innovation.
Ideas that are uniquely ownable to each one of our clients.
The most creative minds of our society, not just advertising.

We’re The Newtons and our doors are always open. 


English, Greek
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

In the creative business, where we shoot breakfast scenes in the middle of the night,
we deal with summer campaigns in winter and always preparing Christmas from July,
time is relevant. It is. But the times are not.

The times are sharp as a razor, and unpredictable as an earthquake.
They bring out the big issues and reveal the wright purposes.

The Newtons, by chance, talent or nature understood that from the day 1,
and made a difference all the way to today, the day 3.765 according to our calendar.

We listened to the call, and we answered with ideas.

Cause its the times show the path to true ideas and in vice versa, ideas shape the times.
Shape the world.

And like a rear word in an ordinary book, ideas is the language of the times.
It’s the magic inside the real.
And you can’t be a Newton, if you do not believe this single thing.

Magic exists.

So, it doesn’t matter if times are good or bad or somewhere in the middle,
as long as we understand them, keep our doors open to every new, every moment,
and fight for ourselves, our work, and our clients to the best of our abilities.
Fight every inch of the way, and rest assure, the magic will be there.

Let’s do that, and we will be in charge of times, also for the next 10 years. 

Network Description

Independent agency based in Athens, Greece

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