TitleJourney to the Claussen Pickles
Campaign Journey to the Claussen Pickles
Advertiser Kraft Foods, Inc.
Brand Claussen Pickles
PostedNovember 2014
Business Sector Canned Vegetables, Fruits
Story Claussen Pickles are easily the best-tasting pickle in the American supermarket.And Claussen Pickles are also demonstrably better than their competition. They look better and they taste better because they are fresher.There's just one problem. And it’s kind of a big one.Claussen Pickles aren’t situated where you might automatically (and not unreasonably) expect to find them: the supermarket pickle shelf.Instead, Claussen Pickles are housed in the deli chilled section, because they're chilled to keep them fresher. So shoppers have to go slightly out of their way to find them.We thought it would be a good idea to point out this geographical anomaly in the advertising.Enter Sir Edwin Horsham, fearless supermarket explorer, to tell America exactly where to find what are arguably the world’s finest pickles. 
Philosophy reinforce the position that claussed in the freshest pickle
Problem consumers assume that any pickle is the freshest available
Result 2MM views 
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Media Type Case Study

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