Stockholm, Sweden
TitleThe Swedish Number (132s)
BriefSweden is a fun and friendly place. To prove it, the country became the first to get its own telephone number. Simply call the number, get through to a random Swede, and ask them whatever you want about their homeland. A few lucky callers even got through to the Prime Minister. The idea caught everyone’s imagination: including that of Barack Obama, who mentioned it in a speech. Sweden was trending big time, all thanks to a number.
Campaign The Swedish Number
Advertiser The Swedish Tourist Council
Brand Swedish Tourist Association
PostedJune 2016
Business Sector Destinations (Countries & Places)
In 2015, the Swedish Tourist Association (STF), dedicated to promoting domestic tourism in Sweden, was facing collapse. To attract younger members and retain current ones, the “Swedish Number” campaign was launched. Anyone with a Swedish number could download a unique app, log in and be randomly connected to a caller from around the world curious about all things Swedish. These conversations reminded Swedes the reasons they loved their country and, in the process, encouraged them to join the STF community. 
As the first country in the world, Sweden got its own phone number. When calling it from abroad you get connected to a random Swede, somewhere in Sweden.
The Swedish Number gave the control of the image of the country to the Swedes themselves. Nothing was censored or pre-arranged. In the name of freedom of speech - what ever opinion you may have, it matters.
The Swedish Number was open for anyone to call just by using a normal telephone, but only from abroad. Swedes register as "telephone ambassadors" simply by downloading an App.
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