TitleFerrero USA | Nutella Spread the Happy Tour | Eventive Marketing
Campaign Nutella Spread the Happy Tour
Advertiser Ferrero
Brand Nutella
Tagline Spread the Happy
  • The national Nutella Breakfast Tour showcased the product as a breakfast food via sampling of Nutella on toasted bread or waffles.
  • Brand ambassadors educated consumers on usage, versatility, and convenience of Nutella, especially targeting moms and college students.
  • The iconic Nutella food truck and giant inflatable Nutella bottle provided instant, easy photo opportunities to be easily shared on social media.
  • A national buzz was created via social media by promoting tour locations and a City Challenge Twitter contest to bring the truck and 5,000 jars of Nutella to the winning city. 
  • Grow household penetration of Nutella and leverage strong brand passion to increase brand engagement.
  • Enable consumers to discover how to use Nutella and how it fits into their breakfast routine. 
  • 14,000,000 impressions
  • Over 400,000 samples and branded materials distributed
  • Household penetration increased by 18% from previous year 
Media Type Events