TitleCo-Creating Community Pride
Campaign Co-Creating Community Pride
Advertiser Hilton Hotel Corp.
Brand Hilton
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Hotels, Resorts
Story Challenge
Deepen Hilton’s longtime commitment to the LGBT community, making Hilton their go-to hotel brand.
People already want to “own the conversation” with brands, but that’s seriously amped-up when pride in their identity and community are part of the dialogue.
We flipped the paradigm, connecting with people by making them participants and co-creators at every touchpoint – not just an “audience.”

Hilton’s “Stop Clicking Around” marketing campaign hit the ground running as a tech-forward parade float and festival footprint for DC and NYC LGBT events.
Dancing brand ambassadors and a live emcee sparked people to dance, kiss, and show their pride on the “Live Hilton Click Cam” float’s 40 LED screens.
A festival booth raised support for local LGBT communities by letting people create personalized photos united into glorious daily event mosaics.
“Pride in a Box” kits went out to select Hilton properties, spreading participation via giveaway premiums, apparel, welcome signage and more.

Total live exposure to 3MM people, and Hilton’s booth was among the most praised and popular activities at both festivals.
Media Type Events

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