TitleDelivering Buzz on Tap
Campaign Delivering Buzz on Tap
Advertiser Sodastream
Brand Sodastream
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Non-Alcoholic
Story Challenge
Sodastream needed a brand storytelling experience able to deliver product positioning, engage consumers and cement an emotional connection with them, while also driving traffic to retail.
Like Bill Bernbach preached, it’s all about “the product, the product, the product.” When we immersed ourselves (so to speak) in Sodastream, we realized its brand pillars were a perfect template for a fun, buzz worthy campaign.
We built around “buzz,” literally – the sound a Sodastream machine makes in action – with a suite of integrated efforts targeting a variety of consumers, each tactic practically fizzy with brand positioning points: Convenience! Taste! Good for the environment! Fun!

We toured iconic hotspots in major cities, showcasing how much a family can save with Sodastream.
Mock protest marches (complete with celebrities) demanded, “Free the Bubbles!”
Spring Breakers were greeted at their getaway locations with tactics inviting them to get “buzzed.”
Product demos, sampling and special retail offers rounded out our tactical mixology.

Sparking! Millions of impressions and thousand of consumer engagements helped pour on record U.S. sales for the brand, achieving a marketer’s wet dream: an actual, transformative lifestyle movement among consumers!
Media Type Promotion & Event

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