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1136 Bp., Hollán Ernő u. 28. IV
Phone: (+31) +36.1.780.8516

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Communication Center X

1136 Bp., Hollán Ernő u. 28. IV
Phone: (+31) +36.1.780.8516

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About the Agency Communication Center X

The aim of the Communication Center X (XKK) is to use methods of communication to generate positive changes in social and democratic issues.

We want real change: we will refashion the authentic self-representations and narratives of civil organizations in order to assure a far more effective mainstream media penetration. In local ethnic crises we represent the communication interests of the Roma community. We promote the adoption of a new media discourse when concerning the conflicts of the majority and the minority.Regarding measures or laws restricting democracy, we provide communicative background on behalf of the threatened groups and issues.


Primarily, XKK takes its stand on concrete issues. We assume responsibility for the comprehensive communication of socially relevant issues. We identify and personally contact the actors, map out the problems, prepare a thorough communication strategy and implement it in direct cooperation with the persons concerned. We use creative methods to reach big audiences – we organize events and find positive stories to be picked up by the media. We also involve in lobbying to reach our goals concerning public policies.

We have a strong commitment for gender equality. In the last year we had different campaigns about violence against women.
We launched two successful campaigns which changed the perception of violence against women in the media and also
moved forward the legislation of domestic violence in Hungary. We launched a video with celebrity men who stood up against violence saying: "Real men don't hurt women".
The video reached almost two million Hungarian viewers.
Apart from that we have been working on women issues for years now. We were one of the organizers of the awareness raising campaign about home birth for years,
some of our colleagues were on of the main actors who did a successful lobbying to create a law about home birth in Hungary.
Our secondary target group consists of NGOs. Our aim is to place their stories on the mainstream news agenda. We evaluate their communication strategies, analyze their mistakes and reframe their issues and messages. We keep training them. If there are several NGOs dealing with the same issue, we forge a coalition between them and coordinate it.

We assist organizations or involved groups in crisis communication as well. This includes general issues of democracy, as well as the series of newly erupting local ethnic conflicts.

We assist in the media presence and self-representation of authentic communicators. We stand behind public actors lacking resources for communication. We provide links between individuals and, if they deal with the same issue, we coordinate the communication of the network.

The media itself is also a key target group: we assist them in their work with genuine stories, with our own investigative journalism and with our unmatched network of relations with NGOs. 


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