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Core Competencies: Strategy and Planning

Founded in: 2014

Employees: 3

Contact Information

936 M 34th Street Suite 400
Seattle Washington 98103
United States
Phone: (+1) 206 289-0386

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936 M 34th Street Suite 400
Seattle Washington 98103
United States
Phone: (+1) 206 289-0386

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About the Agency 47Harmonic

47Harmonic is an Integrated Marketing agency that develops and executes marketing programs using the Harmonic Marketing Cycle.

Focusing on consumers needs to eliminate marketing waste and create holistic marketing plans that work together to increase returns for our clients.

Company Overview
Integrated Marketing agency/consultancy specializing in Harmonic Marketing Cycle development. Making Traditional, Digital, Social and all your other marketing channels work together while focusing on the needs of consumers 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

At 47Harmonic it all starts with the customer and what they need. We don't focus exclusively on digital, social or traditional marketing channels. We focus instead on what your brand needs to do to get consumers to notice, desire, invest, like and then evangelize it to their friends and family.

To do that we develop a holistic marketing plan focused on results instead of specific media vehicles or creative stunts. Sure each media and creative execution has its place, but at 47Harmonic we think they should all work together, saving you money and increasing your marketing ROI.

Isn't it time your marketing starts working together? 

Network Description

The Harmonic Network includes specialized creative and media companies that have partnered with 47Harmonic to provide integrated services at discounted rates to 47Harmonic clients. Why have one agency try to do everything, when you can have one point of contact working with leading experts to execute your program?

Whether it's social, PPC, SEO, display, website development, TV, radio, print, outdoor, PR or pretty much any other marketing medium, 47Harmonic has an expert in the Harmonic Network to execute it.

With 47Harmonic you get to work with some of the best and brightest, but at the speed and with the cost benefits of an independent shop. 

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