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20 West Jackson
Phoenix Arizona 85003
United States
Phone: (+1) 602 417-1327

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Core Competencies: Digital, Social Media, Marketing/Creative Services, Public Relations, Media Buying/Planning, Strategy and Planning, Multicultural

Founded in: 1982

Employees: 50

Awards: 4

Moses Inc.

20 West Jackson
Phoenix Arizona 85003
United States
Phone: (+1) 602 417-1327

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About the Agency Moses Inc.

 What we do:

Branding: A brand is the most important thing a business can invest in. Before a company can hope to reach people on a personal level, it has to decide what it wants to stand for and what it wants to mean in the hearts and minds of its audience. Our agency has spent years helping clients define their image, and we have a knack for saying it in a way that sticks.

Creative boutique: We search near and far to rope in the talent that makes up our award-wining creative team. From the deep South, to New York City, to artists who have proven themselves right here in the Southwest, we’ve assembled the cream of the crop. They are multi-disciplinary, talented and a joy to work with – an elite group of problem-solvers impossible to duplicate anywhere else. Leading the team is Louie Moses, called "the poster child for creativity" by Fast Company magazine.

Social gurus: Some of our best work (and some of our client’s greatest triumphs) have come from opportunities found in the social sphere. Social media is the evolution of word of mouth, something that has always been a cornerstone of effective advertising. We ignite, maintain and evaluate conversations centered on our clients. We also have personalities ourselves, so we’re a lot more fun than other social media groups.

Media house: As a full service agency, we have the advantage of being able to create harmony between our messages and how they are delivered. Our media department works in tandem with the creative department to reach the right people at the most opportune moments. Our media partner, moves over $900 million of media a year, but we are equipped to deal with budgets of all shapes and sizes in-house. We’re able to reach international markets, while being razor-sharp on the local level.

Production studio: A video is worth a thousand pictures. Our in-house production team works hand in hand with the creative department to produce stunning, thematically driven videos that reflect the message of our clients’ brands and never lose their edge. We can scale up to handle Hollywood-level shoots, yet are nimble enough to tackle the smallest production and make it look like a million dollars. Or at least a few hundred thousand.

Public relations: Our work takes us, literally, from Seattle to Mexico, Denver to the Carolinas. We have handled special events on both coasts, and we deal regularly with media, blogs and websites from everywhere in between. Moses has arranged for influential bloggers to tour a winery, coordinated a video game launch for 800 people in New York City, landed E! News for a private photo shoot in Hollywood, and created a faux concert in Portland.

Account services: All clients are assigned an account management team led up by an experienced account supervisor. This team is responsible for ongoing account and project management, and the top priority is to make sure that all interactions with the agency are positive ones. The team works closely with all agency departments to ensure that projects are on brand, on time and within budget. They become an extension of a client’s marketing team and become experts on the client’s business.

Strategy firm: Before you go anywhere, it makes sense to have a plan. Our brand strategists are true data nerds and love discovering new directions to take our clients. They enjoy performing research whether of the focus group variety or online flash surveys and just about everything in between. They then scour rows and columns of figures and analyze minutia to arrive at insights and trends that inspire on a grand scale.

Digital agency: When people use the word digital, it’s best to be skeptical. But digital is the heart of everything we do, and we’d be as at home in the Silicon Valley as we are in the Valley of the Sun. We design and develop online experiences for our clients each and every day. Because the technology is always evolving, we strive to stay ahead of that curve. We constantly look for original ways to use the digital world to serve our clients, while staying aware that ‘digital’ is just the means to an end.  


English, Spanish, Italian
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Moses Inc. is one of the few independent renegade shops left. Started in the early ‘80s by Louie Moses in Phoenix, we have a history of breaking the rules and a strong disregard for the status quo. Our legacy is built on simply hiring the best possible talent and doing groundbreaking work that works for our clients. We believe that where there is freedom, there is strength.

Every person that works at Moses is encouraged to take advantage of that freedom and leverage it for our clients. We are free to do whatever we need to do to serve our clients and produce the best work of our lives. Last year when picking the top shop in each state, Adweek chose Moses for Arizona, noting our unique history, creative and strategic firepower, and future potential. The nod was just the latest in a long line of national praise.

At Moses, we like to call ourselves one of the oldest startups you’ll ever meet. Since we’re small and independent we’ve never lost the hunger of boutique agencies. But with 30 years of experience, we solve problems before most realize there is a problem. That penchant for being proactive allows us to really hit our stride. For us, 30 is the new 20. 

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