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TitleYakult - Social Media Content
Campaign Yakult Social Media
Advertiser Yakult
Brand Yakult
Business Sector Non-Alcoholic


Develop a comprehensive, family-friendly social media strategy that educates Yakult’s primary target audience on the science and health benefits of probiotics, and engages with the community on a personal level.


Yakult U.S.A is a company that has been around for several decades, primarily in Asia and Europe. Yakult came to the United States in 1990, bringing with it a rich, international history. When Yakult asked us to bring a fresh perspective to their Facebook and Twitter platforms, we knew we had to simultaneously preserve that history and culture while bringing an updated, creative approach to the brand’s published content. With social media channels in nearly 33 other countries and regions, it was our job to maintain a unified voice with Yakult’s other platforms, as well as create a fresh, new look at their products. We wanted their US Facebook and Twitter pages to pay homage to the specific states, cities, and demographics that help make this brand so unique. We were able to come up with fun, family-friendly content that garnered audience engagement for the brand, as well as provide educational material for the consumer. By combining original illustrations, graphic design, and original photography, we were able to increase sentiment and engagement for Yakult. Currently, there is significant growth in Yakult’s social channels. 

Media Type Social Media

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