The Variable

Winston-Salem, United States

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525 4th St E.
Winston-Salem North Carolina 27101
United States
Phone: (+1) 336.721.1021

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Core Competencies: Digital, SEO, Web Design, Marketing/Creative Services, Market Research/Consulting, Marketing Technologies/Analytics, Media Buying/Planning, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Strategy and Planning

Employees: 50

The Variable

525 4th St E.
Winston-Salem North Carolina 27101
United States
Phone: (+1) 336.721.1021

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About the Agency The Variable


The Variable helps brands fight their fiercest, most relentless competitor - indifference - wherever it exists. And we’re damn good at it.

We are so much more than an advertising agency.

We are in the business of brand-led business transformation. And we use it to create indifference-fighting organizations that move people out of their natural state of uncaring. Most brands look at the other businesses in their category as the competition, but we believe the fiercest, most unrelenting competitor every brand faces today is indifference. We focus on leading transformation across businesses, company culture, products, services and experiences.

It takes special people to pull off that kind of work and go toe-to-toe with consultancies and big agencies. The kind who are both ridiculously talented and ridiculously awesome humans. Sure, that means we woo the best and brightest away from big ad agencies. But we also lure amazing folks away from investment banking, MBA programs, Yale and such. The result is a group of people who can affect our clients’ broader business challenges AND be the type of people our clients actually want to spend time with, whether it’s in the board room or in the dive bar down the street. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We’re honored to be the recipients of an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year Award for two out of the last three years. And we like to think it's because not only do we work with awesome brand partners and create awesome work, but we've shifted our business model to add true value to clients' businesses, beyond just an ad concept.

The founders of The Variable got out of “the big agency” business because they felt like they were delivering disproportionate value to client’s businesses. They were hired to do advertising, but were coming up with business models or product ideas. The clients appreciated the thinking, but the agencies treated it like an advertising problem. The Variable was formed to engage further upstream; to talk to CEO’s and CMO’s. To get seats on boards. And equity in new ventures. We are committed to brand-led business transformations. Usually, that involves brand development and marketing and advertising. But more often than not, it involves company mission, vision and values alignment. It involves internal stakeholder buy-in. It involves business tweaks and agile implementation. It has led us to hire different people (from MBA’s to JD’s to client-side refugees to private equity players) all of whom have a seat at our “advertising” table. We believe that businesses can be transformed through brands. And vice versa. 


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