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A60A, 2nd Floor, Duggal Colony, Khanpur, New Delhi-110062, India
Delhi 110062
Phone: (+91) 8285639159

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Core Competencies: SEO

Founded in: 2014

Employees: 20

Adlock Advertisement

A60A, 2nd Floor, Duggal Colony, Khanpur, New Delhi-110062, India
Delhi 110062
Phone: (+91) 8285639159

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About the Agency Adlock Advertisement

Adlock Advertisement is the India's leading pioneer advertising company providing the all solutions for advertisement including website designing, newspaper advertisement, magazines advertisement, radio advertisement, television advertisement, online search engine optimization, offline advertising, pamphlet distribution, promotions of organization, event management service. The Adlock Advertisement was established in 2014 as the company Managing Director Mr. Praveen Kumar with the aim consideration of advertisement administration service as the vast years of serving experience about the advertisement world and creature. The company motivation is provide their clients most reliable, affordable and attractive service that can help to increase the sales ratio of the organization and their target achievement. It is the leading company with tie up with more than 145+ broadcasting channels and 7+ radio stations. Apart to offering the media service the company is providing the all very extreme service in newspaper as tie up with more than 17+ newspapers of various languages. As to be in specialization service of media advertisement and newspaper advertisement the company offering the service related website designing and search engine optimization with the company tie up with more than 165+ search engines of the world. The company also assisting their customers in regards of pamphlet distribution, company promotions, event advertisement and organization. We believe to serve our customers and clients in B2B and B2C in the most reliable, convenient and diligent assisting service for the long term consideration. Our customers and clients can be reach to us at one stop solution for all their advertising explorations. 


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