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Uni-Tower 2F, 358-6 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-Gu
Seoul 121-883
South Korea
Phone: (+82) 2-325-2767

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Basic Info

Core Competencies: Marketing/Creative Services

Founded in: 2000

Employees: 70

Awards: 110


Uni-Tower 2F, 358-6 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-Gu
Seoul 121-883
South Korea
Phone: (+82) 2-325-2767

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About the Agency designfever

designfever is a world-class creative agency delivering full-service in the areas of user experience design, motion graphics, branding, and technology solutions since 2000. Creative freedom, a sense of responsibility and passionate energies are the driving force behind our creation of innovative experiences. Our success has been recognized by numerous international accolades as well as strong relationship with international clients.
We build the future of digital creativity. 


English, Korean
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

An extra degree of passion makes a big difference.

Creativity is always demanded, but one can never be creative without persistence and passion. We believe the main aspect of being truly ‘creative’ originates from genuine enjoyment and enthusiasm. We are unable to develop to be the best in our field unless we work with individuals who share our core values. designfever is, as the name states, a collective of passionate and inspired people. Everyone desires to create original, fresh, and trend-setting ideas that are the basis of success. We understand that this can’t be achieved simply by setting the heart on doing; rather an attitude of constant striving is required. Rapid change and modernity fuel our desire for innovation. It is this extra degree of passion found in the members of designfever than makes a noticeable difference.

We constantly challenge current innovation.

designfever is always looking for new things to engage in and tries to challenge ourselves. Many things in this world have their roots in the imagination. We make all possible efforts to visualize beyond what is seen so as to make our attempts be more than just a try. The world would be more fun if we think our interesting ideas can be turned into reality. Nevertheless, it is too hard to actualize imagination without accumulated experience and specialized knowledge. Our efforts for doing advanced research and constantly launching proprietary brands function as a main engine that lets us push limits of creativity. We deliver the fresh value to creators and clients who are looking for newness.

Our thinking, expression, and experience make a difference.

As a company, we focus on the quality of project output rather than quantity of work. For us, enhancing creativity takes precedent over company expansion. We clearly understand our ethical responsibility as digital creators. Our testament to quality is the cornerstone of our beliefs, setting designfever apart from the competition. Our greatest strength is the ability to drive a project to success based on our unique way of thinking, fresh expressions, and diverse experience in the industry.

Imagination, creativity and creation.

Imagination is the act of forming a mental image, creativity is the act of forming ideas that can be actualized, and creation is the act of bringing these ideas into existence. Everyone can imagine, but not all are able correlate their ideas and the creative process, experiencing difficulty when trying to produce stunning results. As your creative partner, designfever is always prepared for any situation. Our flexible way of thinking and great wealth of experience will boost the chances of success. designfever is always the best choice for dynamic creative output. 

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