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20, rue Saint-Fiacre
Paris 75002
Phone: (+33) 01 55 32 38 49

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Core Competencies: Digital

Founded in: 2010

Employees: 9

Agence Bold+Beyond

20, rue Saint-Fiacre
Paris 75002
Phone: (+33) 01 55 32 38 49

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About Agence Bold+Beyond

OUR VISION: Inspire and connect. 

Creativity is essential.

The core of our business is to create ideas based on the brand’s DNA in order to inspire consumers. Therefore, our goal is to find the right mechanisms which will connect the brands with their defined audience.

Digital Marketing has transformed Story-Telling from being a monologue to being a dialogue, leading us to story reflection. Nowadays, we have to find ideas which inspire consumers to start a conversation thus leading to engagement and therefore loyalty.

Besides, Digital Marketing embodies a new era where advertisers don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on traditional media support to reach their audience. It is about knowing how to reach them. We are here to find unique mechanisms meant to reach a larger and more targeted audience.

This is why we create brand positioning, communication platforms and advertising campaigns which immerse consumers in a unique universe capable of catching their attention, arousing their emotions and putting them in a position of creative power to serve the brands and their aims. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Advertising is an investment.

Our objective is to come up with ideas meant to build and sell the brands. Our expertise arises at the crossroad of art and business.

Today, companies want a fast and active return on investment. We are convinced and obsessed in getting results on a very short term and in the brands’ growth based on the strength of the ideas.

This is the reason why our agency brings together two major assets: the creative teams and the business marketing consultants known for their detailed approach toward the brands.

When we think strategy and concept, we know whether or not this will lead to creative ideas. Vice versa, when we think creative idea, we know whether or not this will be strategic.

This is the core value of our creativity : We sell brands not advertising! 

Network Description


Creatives don’t hold THE idea.

When a creative brief is sent to us, we don’t read it right away, we first put it aside. Why? Because we want to have our own perception and understanding of our clients’ needs. Once all the creative and strategic thoughts are gathered, we open the brief and compare.

The purpose of this approach is to avoid advertiser’s anxieties and in doing so, bringing a second eye while preserving the brand DNA.

The complexity (of this exercise) is to make these ideas achievable when we put together our different team talents (marketing, directors, artists…). This is why it’s important that the creative team works with the sales persons and business consultants. 

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