San Francisco, United States
TitleE-Commerce Launch for LOLIWARE
Advertiser LOLIWARE
Business Sector Soft Drinks, Tonics

LOLIWARE is a disposable cup that you can actually eat instead of throwing away. The first and only edible disposable cup. 


LOLIWARE is a revolutionary new drinking and eating experience: considered the ‘Cup of the Future'. We were approached by the Co-Founders to craft a connective web experience for the upcoming appearance of LOLIWARE on ABC's Shark Tank, along with a robust eCommerce site to follow. As we began our partnership, LOLIWARE received a large funding round from billionaire investor, Mark Cuban. Together between teams, we've been working to create a holistic brand experience that brought out the true flavor of the company and culture, that's scalable for the future. We love the team, their mission, and consider our partnership a major success story. 

From the moment a users lands on the Homepage, they're enticed with an engaging video that reinforces the current LOLIWARE product line, and explains the added value of LOLI cups in the world of sustainability. We extended the LOLIWARE brand image, designed by fuseproject to be a cohesive, consistent brand experience. 


The story of LOLIWARE is a compelling one. Award-winning industrial designers and LOLIWARE co-founders combined their concern for the environment and passion for social innovation to invent a new category of sustainable materials, coined, biodegr(edible). The company’s mission is to transform the tableware industries by creating products that are non-toxic, fun, and delicious. 

LOLIWARE products are fun, delicious, and non-toxic. They've re-invented and completely disrupted the sustainability category. Our mission as their Digital AOR (Agency of Record) was to extend this in-person product experience, to web, digital, and mobile channels. The results were wildly successful, launching a fluid, dynamic, and highly scalable eCommerce destination to fuel LOLIWARE's growth. 

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