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TitleCorporate Web Launch for VC Funded Startup
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prooV is a disruptive SaaS platform that fully automates the Proof of Concept (PoC) process for tech startups and enterprise brands.


The Proof of Concept (PoC) has long been recognized as complex, tedious and highly inefficient for enterprises and vendors alike. Ironically, a process designed to boost innovation and highlight high-end technology didn’t apply that to itself, leaving the PoC methodology outdated and inadequate. prooV was created with a clear objective in mind - to simplify the way new technology is evaluated and adopted. Based on a market-network model, prooV puts the latest technologies, digital and social trends to use in an ecosystem tailor-made for PoC success. In partnering with prooV as their Digital Agency, we've been able to create connecting and compelling digital pathways that are generating user engagement and retention as the brand positions itself for global growth. 

We aligned with prooV, a disruptive SaaS global startup to elevate and evolve their digital experience: it began with mapping a new UX (User Experience) flow and continued with a reimagined visual story. In anticipation for prooV's appearance at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 we worked closely with their Product Marketing Team to craft a connective and compelling digital pathway. 


In modern marketing, we feel a digital experience should be a reflection of your brand, your team, and your story. For prooV, fluidity and form is top-of-mind as a global SaaS startup, where cross-collaboration between Product, Marketing, and Technology teams is the everyday norm. The entire UX/UI flow we built with prooV is fluid, dynamic, and adaptive, with intelligent design elements. 

Mobile-first is dead: meet Design-first. Everything we design and develop is crafted and architected to be expressed well and received well across all devices. For prooV, it was essential that we factored in a design grid that could display complicated written content just as well as icon sets and rich imagery throughout all digital touchpoints (desktop, mobile, and eventually...wearable). 

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