Los Angeles, United States

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12910 Culver Blvd., Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90066
United States
Phone: (+1) 310 737-8600

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Core Competencies: Marketing Technologies/Analytics

Founded in: 2010

Employees: 50


12910 Culver Blvd., Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90066
United States
Phone: (+1) 310 737-8600

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About the Agency Prove

Prove is a new kind of customer acquisition, retention, technology, and analytics agency. Our philosophy is to employ a series of communications to our audience utilizing Mass Personalization.

We call it Acqretention™ - the process of converting an anonymous audience that is always just a click away from the competition into Connected Prospects.

Acqretention™ enables us to:

Increase the relevancy of message, offer, and content earlier
Shift brand preference less expensively
Retain the engagement of prospective customers who are earlier in the buying cycle


English, French, Italian
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

At Prove, we have evolved customer acquisition and retention methodologies to capitalize on the new reality that the Customer is in Charge. Our marketing transformations, driven by analysis and insights, allows us to leverage Mass Personalization to increase ROI while reducing marketing costs. We call it, Acqretention™, the process of converting an anonymous audience into Connected Prospects quickly, earlier in the buying cycle. 

Network Description

Engage With Us ~ We are not a traditional AOR. We know every marketing dollar spent must show ROI. That's why we suggest engaging with us at first with little bets to maximize learnings, minimize risk and evolve quickly. For instance, perhaps your immediate need is to increase leads every month by 20%. We start with that one goal, show fast qualified results, optimize and scale with new marketing initiatives moving forward. 

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