TitleThe awakening of a feminine feminist on Vi
Campaign The awakening of a feminine feminist
Advertiser Marlies Dekkers
Brand Marlies Dekkers
PostedMarch 2017
Business Sector Lingerie, Underwear, Pajamas
Story When Jess, Sandrine and Marlies got together to work on feminism for the Marlies Dekkers brand manifesto, it stirred strange reactions from the guys: some men feared a new feminist wave; others glowed in perspective of an upcoming shoot of models in lingerie. It was neither here nor there.Feminine Feminist reconciles the dreaded feminist word with the core femininity of women; and it comes to life in everything Marlies Dekkers does or says as a brand, starting with a manifesto film.The awakening of a woman to the hardship of standing up for herself and to the beauty of believing in her talent, is beautifully captured by film director Daniel Nogueira. 
Media Type Television
Production Company

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