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Philosophy Conceived by JOAN’s creative collective, and supported by the United State of Women, this new product is designed as an attachment for current CPR manikins, with the intention of driving equality in cardiac intervention by having trainees become accustomed to performing CPR on bodies with breasts. The WoManikin was inspired by a study published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes led by Audrey L. Blewer, Ph.D., MPH, which revealed that women suffering cardiac arrest in public are 27% less likely than men to receive CPR.

“Since survival from cardiac arrest depends on the prompt delivery of CPR by a bystander, we need to think of ways to make CPR training more accessible to everyone and for everyone. We also need to consider ways to raise awareness around sudden cardiac arrest, address these known gender disparities, and empower more people to perform CPR if needed,” said Dr. Blewer, epidemiologist and resuscitation scientist at the Duke University School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

JOAN conceptualized, designed, and executed the production of the WoManikin with the goal of having this groundbreaking product distributed at standard CPR training courses across the country. In addition, the design will be open-sourced on its website, and free to download by organizations and individuals.

“At the core of JOAN’s ethos is a deep-rooted commitment to gender equality. When we read about Dr. Blewer’s study and this long-standing problem in the world of CPR, we saw a relatively simple way to help change things,” said JOAN Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jaime Robinson. “CPR manikins are designed to look like human bodies, but they actually represent less than half of our society. The absence of women’s bodies in CPR training results in hesitation from bystanders, which in turn results in women being more likely to die in cardiac arrest. Our hope is that the WoManikin will bridge this gap in education and, ultimately, save many lives.”

To help raise awareness of the WoManikin and its mission, JOAN partnered with the gender equality advocacy organization, the United State of Women, to launch a new digital and social campaign. The campaign, which kicks off for National CPR Awareness Week in June, will include a social media challenge through Instagram stories where women share short videos explaining why women often don’t receive CPR. Women will encourage their followers to demand CPR using #GiveMeCPR.
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