A Brand Defining Agency With Empathy At Its Core

When you walk through the doors of Joan, you'll understand immediately how we're different. A truly optimistic group of people, we are absolutely committed to your growth. We focus on unlocking an honest understanding of the audience - so many of whom have been misunderstood or stereotyped. We develop inspiring and well defined brand articulations and create culturally savvy story telling rooted in principles of entertainment. And we have a heck of a lot of fun in the process!




Lisa Clunie & Jaime Robinson

Lisa Clunie & Jaime Robinson

CEO + Co-Founder & CCO + Co-Founder
Sarah Collinson

Sarah Collinson

Head of Account Management

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Contact Information:

443 Park Avenue South, Third Floor
NYC New York 10016
United States
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Website:  www.joancreative.com