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Core Competencies: E-Commerce, Experiential, Market Research/Consulting, Crisis Communication, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Strategy and Planning, Consumer

Founded in: 2015

Employees: 14

Contact Information

92 Hester Street Second Floor
New York NY 10002
United States
Phone: (+1) 2126344224

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Bullish Inc.

92 Hester Street Second Floor
New York NY 10002
United States
Phone: (+1) 2126344224

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About the Agency Bullish Inc.

Bullish is an Accelerator Agency designed for businesses living early in an S-curve. Born out of Consigliere Brand Capital, we are one part Strategic Creative Agency, one part Consumer Investment Firm that deploys capabilities from both worlds to help brands speed the transformation of opportunities into outcomes. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We are focused on combining the worlds of marketing and money.

Too often, Wall Street looks at marketing as an expense. Bullish believes that proper brand management and smart marketing can reap strong returns. And it's best, it can even be moat-building for business.

That's why we have a consumer investment fund. We have an SEC-regulated fund that invests in early-stage consumer brands. And for the entrenched companies looking to pivot or act entrpreneurial, we develop business performance structures. We align our economics to those of the senior executives of our clients and their objectices. In short, we put our money behind our marketing recommendations.


Network Description

We are a group of multi-talented Agency and Investing ex-pats in roles we call Directors, Planners, Conceptors, Makers, and Engagers, who are just as passionate as we are far from precious. Collaboration comes naturally to us. 

We are independent and having come out of an awesome full-service, fully integrated Agency (Deutsch), we respect all partners and enjoy working with partners with skill sets that compliment our own.

And we're wonderfully and painfully honest, good people.



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