Royal Oak, United States

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215 South Center Street Suite 200
Royal Oak Michigan 48067
United States
Phone: (+1) (248) 556-3499

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Basic Info

Founded in: 2003

Employees: 15


215 South Center Street Suite 200
Royal Oak Michigan 48067
United States
Phone: (+1) (248) 556-3499

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About the Agency Factory

Does anyone need another advertising agency? The honest answer to that question is simple: Nope. The world, America, the Great Lakes region in general and Detroit, Michigan in particular. Not one of them needs (by any strict definition of the word) another advertising agency. But is there room in America for another advertising agency? Now that’s a different question. And one we can answer more happily: Yep. And is there a reason to pay attention to this newish advertising agency? Most certainly. We’re Factory. An advertising agency in Michigan. We’re trying to do things different from your average American advertising agency. Different in the work we create. Different in the way we work. Different in the values we bring to the work we do. Different can be good. Different should be better. And sometimes different is needed. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

There’s a value in making things.

In getting hands-on, in tinkering with some spare parts and seeing what you can come up with, in knowing how to use the right tools for the job, in turning raw materials into something no one else had ever even daydreamed about before.

There’s an art to making things that do what we want them to do.

Advertising is often considered a knowledge industry. At its best, it’s a world of ideas and stories. At its worst, the ad business is a place where busywork meets abstract intellectual meandering. We chose the name Factory because we wanted a constant reminder that we make things. We don’t just contract out the execution of our lofty ideas and head for the hotel bar. Our job is to push our talents, develop new skills and take pride in work that’s worth doing and work that’s well done.

We’re creators. All of us. We all have talents and skills and ideas. Working together, we can get the most out of what’s inside of us. Every one of us.

We’ll make things. Because our name is Factory. 

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