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Ahmed Alkooheji Communications, Western Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbour, King Faisal Highway
Manama None (Internatio BH-13
Phone: (+973) 6635 0111

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Basic Info

Core Competencies: Full Service

Founded in: 2016

Employees: 9

Ahmed Alkooheji Communications

Ahmed Alkooheji Communications, Western Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbour, King Faisal Highway
Manama None (Internatio BH-13
Phone: (+973) 6635 0111
Ahmed Alkooheji

Ahmed Alkooheji

Creative Director

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About Ahmed Alkooheji Communications

We celebrate design innovation and creative driven brands; our passion has staged this move of establishing an entity to share and educate the lovely people we call clients helping them venture further with their brands and identities.

Our Vision: The embodiment of ideas and owners’ personalities within the ever increasingly tech savvy and creatively advanced market forming an identity proudly held by the owners and eagerly celebrated by customers.

Our Mission: One of the leading firms in upbringing and raising awareness of corporate offices and business owners alike by nurturing the brand from every aspect since inception.

Our Services:
Our combined columns of Branding, Marketing, Technology, Photography, Events, and onward gives us maximum radius in assimilating and merging our services and products resulting in complex integrated systems which is eventually sanded down to a simplified well documented back-end friendly package. 

These procedures have been interlaced with backward compatibility protocols since inception to cater even more accessibility issues when handed to the client, serving the client’s customers even more when everything is responsive and accessed via PC, Console, Mobile, Tablet, and/or Smart Watches.

Each service and product is divided into phases for higher quality and expectation working on a continuous relationship between the client and us, such phases also allow a buffer time between each party to rectify and improve the service eventually reaching the goals initiated from the beginning of the project.

we take pride in our sophisticated online platform that delivers the communications, approvals, drafts, and designs directly to the client’s smart phone via our platform’s mobile application companion. This breakthrough allows our clients to provide notes, comments, approvals, and issues with a tap of a screen in lightning speed.

Occasionally our clients appreciate our services influentially requesting us to be appointed in their employment, thus our retainer services come in. Since our clients are based around the world, we achieve the retainer services’ quality and effectiveness via a combination of workshop meetings and weekly progress reports. 


English, Arabic
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

What We Do?

  • We specialise in the provision of brand identity for various industrial fields. We thrive in providing a spectacular service as the kingdom’s creative marketing and technological branding firm.
  • In Addition, we continuously maintain a strict and thorough monitoring for the latest trends and technologies to up bring the bar even higher giving us a high advantage against the ever changing receptive target markets being compatible.


Why Choose Us?

  • Our rich specialities give us an advantage over firms due to our multi-career and platform service providing techniques as well as opposite lines projects from various fields.
  • Everything is in-house, we don’t believe in outsourcing, which enforces our high-quality control and assurance to any product or service encouraging our reputation to excel.
If it doesn’t exist, we already have it. 
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