Press Releases - FRED & FARID Los Angeles - FRED & FARID Los Angeles Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2020 The WEBTOON Quarantine Obsession Continues – This Time with Sydney Sweeney A campaign by FRED & FARID Los Angeles: Classic greek story, turned teenage drama. WEBTOON creates a campaign for its “Lore Olympus” series, starring the queen of teenage drama, Sydney Sweeney. 

WEBTOON launches the 3rd installment of its, “Stories to Obsess Over” series shot remotely with FRED & FARID Los Angeles during continued Safer at Home restrictions. In this episode the team selected one of the platform’s most popular titles, Lore Olympus, featuring Sydney Sweeney portraying a modern take on the ancient Greek goddess of
Spring, Persephone. The film tells the story of a complex character, split between two stark sides of herself, the back and forth of every conflict.

One of WEBTOON’s most popular titles, Lore Olympus, has amassed a fandom of obsessed followers and even inspired the announcement of a collaboration to create an animated series with The Jim Henson Company . The artwork and contemporary storytelling by creator Rachel Smythe has inspired fans across the world to bring her colorful cool interpretations of legendary Greek gods and goddesses to life. On TikTok, Instagram, and fan forums across the web are manifesting their obsessions in full cosplay and bringing the characters to life. To honor this level of fan love, Sydney was fully transformed into the goddess, introducing a wink to the ultimate form of obsession to the series. Head-to-toe makeup by the renowned celebrity makeup artist Anthony H Nguyen, custom wigs by wig stylist Pamela Neal and colorist Naomi Knights, and a custom wardrobe by Mindy Le Brock came together to create two looks representing the duality of Persephone’s character, her sweet naivety at odds with a fierce confidence.

Creative is currently featured across digital and social media introducing new fans to WEBTOON’s diverse platform offering. WEBTOON was trending on TikTok this past weekend. 

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WEBTOON rides the quarantine baking trend with a new campaign for its “Cursed Princess Club” series. WEBTOON launches the 2nd installment of its, “Stories to Obsess Over,” series shot remotely with Fred & Farid Los Angeles during continued Safer at Home restrictions. In this episode the selected title is, Cursed Princess Club, featuring Kimkio Glenn portraying a modern, empowered take on what it means to be a storybook princess. Creative will be featured across digital and social media introducing new fans to WEBTOON’s diverse platform offering. 

WEBTOON™ has become a cultural and global phenomenon, pioneering the distribution and consumption of web-based comics.  With an average of 64+ million monthly active users, 16.5+ million of whom read daily, more people consume WEBTOON series than watch most television shows.  WEBTOON features a broad and diverse catalog of content from all over the world -- including romance, thriller, fantasy, comedy and more.  Launched stateside in 2014, WEBTOON has thousands of creator-owned series with episodes updating daily. 
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Fred & Farid Los Angeles takes quarantine films to the next level for the world’s largest webcomic, WEBTOON High-quality production, captured from the couch; Fred & Farid Los Angeles takes quarantine films to the next level for the world’s largest webcomic, WEBTOON 

Fred & Farid Los Angeles takes quarantine films to the next level for the world’s largest webcomic, WEBTOON

High-quality production, captured from the couch; Fred & Farid Los Angeles takes quarantine films to the next level for the world’s largest webcomic, WEBTOON

WEBTOON™ has become a cultural and global phenomenon, pioneering the distribution and consumption of web-based comics. With an average of 64+ million monthly active users, 16.5+ million of whom read daily, more people consume WEBTOON series than watch most television shows. WEBTOON features a broad and diverse catalog of content from all over the world -- including romance, thriller, fantasy, comedy and more. Launched stateside in 2014, WEBTOON has thousands of creator-owned series with episodes updating daily.

WEBTOON joined forces with Fred & Farid Los Angeles to take awareness of the service to new heights within the U.S. In the process of diving into the webcomics, the agency realized WEBTOON’s stories have the power to keep people glued to their screen. And agency members became obsessed (to put it lightly), ultimately inspiring the campaign line: STORIES TO OBSESS OVER.

The campaign to follow would feature celebrities in cinematic films, obsessing over WEBTOON. With the advent of the pandemic and quarantine – causing millions of people to remain at home, and attached to their screens – the campaign line and concept became even more relevant. Wanting to tap into this new norm, the team pivoted in order to capture the actors alone, in the confines of their homes – ultimately yielding a collection of films that are authentic, and reflective of the times.

For the first episode in this series of films, the agency tapped actress, Alia Shawkat, director / DP Kevin Phillips, and a team of video conferencing specialists to execute the creative.

Fred & Farid Los Angeles and the production company, Ways & Means, created a quarantine-adapted virtual “set” and “video village” which allowed clients, agency, crew, and talent to stay in constant communication throughout the whole process – from PPM to filming. A professional-grade camera, along with a sanitized “filmmaker kit,” were delivered to Alia’s home the day before the shoot. Pioneering technology allowed the agency and clients to virtually attend the shoot, and see exactly what was being captured – as if they were viewing a camera monitor in a traditional video village. Experts were on standby to troubleshoot technical issues while a camera assistant remotely controlled aperture and focus from miles away. "Craft services" were sent to clients via delivery service to maintain that “on-set” feeling. Even family members pitched in: Alia’s brother doubled as a production assistant, helping to move equipment from one setup to the next.

After the remote shoot, production delivered a Phantom camera, lighting equipment, and an assortment of props to director / DP Kevin Phillips’ home. With the goal of making the film feel as cinematic as possible, Kevin shot a number of slow-motion macro shots which were intercut with Alia’s dialogue in the final edits.

(Take a look at what went on behind-the-scenes here:

“There’s a solution to every problem! This new way of shooting remotely could re-shape the way creative work is done for the foreseeable future” says Chelsea Steiger, Creative Director on the project. “Now we know that we can pull-off a broadcast-quality production safely, without making sacrifices creatively.” 


As the country was shutting down, the agency team conducted daily calls to understand the options that were left for production. In Los Angeles, 50 people would be allowed on set one day. Then, less than 10 the next. Eventually, the call came, announcing that production permits were canceled and non-essential employees were being asked to self-quarantine for the foreseeable future.

Rather than shut the doors and go home, Fred & Farid Los Angeles knew that this could be a new and exciting opportunity; one that would perfectly sync up with people’s behaviors during lockdown, and the app’s key offering. Recognizing that WEBTOON stories are precisely the sort of stories a person would binge – and obsess over – during quarantine, the team found a way to forge ahead to capture and launch the campaign while many people would still be at home.

Providing a game plan that would allow us to proceed safely – so we could deliver an original, Hollywood-level, live-action production during production shut-down – was another creative hurdle to jump. We realized this was more than a temporary stop-gap solution; this effort had the potential to pioneer a new way of approaching remote collaboration through the creative use of digital transformation. 

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FOR EARTH DAY (APRIL 22), GRETA THUNBERG’S CLIMATE ORGANIZATION FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE LAUNCHES “OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE”, BY LOS ANGELES CREATIVE AGENCY FF As the world stays home to stop the spread of coronavirus, we have seen a temporary decrease in carbon emissions. Meanwhile, government agencies seeking to quickly jumpstart the economy will work to further reduce regulations, clearing the way for polluters to destroy the delicate balance of the Earth. Scientists have long voiced concerns that climate change does not just impact the environment, but also our health by increasing rates of infectious disease. Until we address the issue of climate change on a global scale — we’ll be facing new and more damaging pandemics for years to come.

As we approach hurricane, flood and fire season in the US, the cascading disasters will only get worse. All of these things are connected and it’s more vital now than ever to continue this fight. The public wants a radical response to climate change with the same urgency as we're seeing for the coronavirus.

According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), we are less than 12 years away from not being able to undo our mistakes. In that time, unprecedented changes in all aspects of society need to take place, including a reduction of our CO2 emissions by at least 50%.

This new spot by LA based creative agency FF (founded by Fred & Farid) portrays a family in their morning routine acting as if everything was normal, despite fires burning all around their house. The campaign is inspired by the famous quote from Greta Thunberg, the founder of Fridays For Future. During her speech at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos she said : "I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is”. At the same event the following year Greta Thunberg repeated her plea “Our house is still on fire and your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour.”

Joe Hobbs, Organizer at Fridays For Future US ( "We believe it's time people realize that climate change isn't going to happen, but that it's already happening. You may have become accustomed to it, but it's a serious problem we face on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we’ve moved past the time where it’s enough just to be worried. We need an immediate collective action. We hope that by watching this video people will realize they need to take action now, instead of putting it off until later”.

The “Our House Is On Fire” spot will also open an important digital event for Fridays For Future on April 24. The organization will launch an unprecedented 24 hour climate change livestream, featuring countries from all around the world.

Fred & Farid - FF’s Founders ( “We are proud to work with Fridays For Future again on this project. This young and highly inspiring organization founded by visionary activist Greta Thunberg is making a huge impact and our agency is honored to help in any way that we can.”

For the film, FF partnered with Andrew Bruntel (Director) Ways & Means (Production), Exile (Edit) Method Studios (VFX) and Company 3 (Color) This film marks the second collaboration between FF and Fridays For Future. In 2019, they worked together to develop a local tourism campaign called "Local Warming”, revisiting vintage tourism posters from across the world, revealing what they would look like through the lens of today’s climate change reality

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HP and FF Los Angeles present "The Most Fabulous" Unboxing with Bretman Rock On the heels of HP’s “Keep It Human” Back to School campaign, which speaks to the role technology plays in Gen Z’s daily lives and addresses the appeals and problems that 18 to 24 year-olds have with their devices, HP and FF Los Angeles developed the next chapter that features HP’s Spectre x360 13. The initial launch of “Meant to Move” featured some very recognizable influencer talent, conveying the idea that driven youth are constantly on the go and don’t need anything cumbersome slowing them down. This then culminated in “The Most Fabulous Unboxing,” a video from social media influencer, Bretman Rock. Known for his signature spinning of random items on his fingers -- from pillows and now laptops, Bretman Rock [@BretmanRock] unboxes his Spectre x360 13, manifesting his ability to be his most “fabulous self.”

Chelsea Steiger, Creative Director at FF Los Angeles says: “It’s been an exciting year for FF LA to have the opportunity to build and develop the new ‘Keep It Human’ platform for HP Premium PC’s. Designed around the belief that humanity should lead technology, not the other way around, we felt it was a powerful and relevant way to help reintroduce HP to Gen Z. After launching with a series of successful films, we continued the story with our latest ‘Meant To Move’ — featuring cameos from top influencers like Bretman Rock. From there, we wanted to embrace Bretman's authentic personality in order to create a new type of unboxing video ‘a fabulous unboxing’ in a way that only Bretman Rock could! » 

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Un Rien C’est Tout - Voilà ce qu’on peut faire avec 25 000 petits gestes L’association Un Rien C’est Tout, dont la mission est de développer des projets solidaires hébergés sous 4 grandes causes en collectant des dons lors des achats en ligne et en magasin, accessible et sans contrainte, dévoile une campagne de marque développée avec FF Los Angeles. 

L’association Un Rien C’est Tout, dont la mission est de développer des projets solidaires hébergés sous 4 grandes causes en collectant des dons lors des achats en ligne et en magasin, accessible et sans contrainte, dévoile une campagne de marque développée avec FF Los Angeles.

Fondée par Cécile Duffau en 2016 l’association à but non-lucratif propose aux clients de sites de e-commerce français de donner 1 euro (ou plus) en plus de leur achat en ligne.

Un Rien C’est Tout oeuvre ainsi pour diffuser la pratique du micro-don et pour sensibiliser les Français à cette façon de donner en soutenant quatre grandes causes : le droit à la dignité, l’enfance et l’éducation, la santé et l’environnement.

Un don 1 euro peut paraître anodin, mais additionné à des milliers d’autres dons, il peut changer des vies.

FF Los Angeles (agence créative fondée par Fred & Farid) a imaginé une campagne artistique utilisant le pointillisme pour illustrer l’impact qu’un simple euro peut avoir sur la vie d’une personne en situation de précarité : la force de cette technique picturale est de pouvoir faire émerger une image à partir d'un ensemble de points distincts qui s’additionnent sur une toile. 
C’est l’artiste espagnol Pablo Jurado Ruiz qui a été choisi pour créer les portraits de 3 personnes qui ont bénéficié de dons d’Un Rien C’est Tout : la campagne met en lumière Bernard, ancien SDF de 53 ans, Gwénola, 49 ans, en rémission du cancer et Murat, 21 ans, jeune tennisman handicapé à travers 3 portraits. 
Ces prints sont accompagnés d’un film qui dévoile les coulisses de la création des oeuvres porté par la voix de Vincent Lindon, un des parrains de l’association avec Marie Drucker et Antoine Griezmann.

Depuis sa création, l’association Un Rien C’est Tout s’appuie sur des partenaires tels que la Fnac, OuiSncf, CDiscount, Darty, La Redoute, AMPM, Carrefour, Nos Meilleures Courses,, BilletRéduc, Conforama, Marius Bernard, Worldline, Voneo, OGN Promotion, BNP Paribas Primrose Bordeaux mais aussi Kering, DLAPiper ou encore la Ville de Cannes, Mediatransports et JCDecaux, le Studio Be-poles. 

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Fridays for Future Launches a local tourism campaign to raise awareness on Climate Change Campaign spearheaded by FF Los Angeles shines a spotlight on local impact of climate change 

Despite scientific evidence, decades of diplomatic summits and repeated calls for action, some people still do not believe that climate change is real, and impacting us today. However, it seems that more people are willing to accept that change is afoot when confronted with it at a local level. 

Fridays For Future, the international movement of climate strikers led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, is launching a social campaign to raise public awareness about local warming. Leveraging the fact that more people seem to care when the impacts are felt closer to home, Fridays for Future is bringing awareness to climate change’s local impact and empowering people to act within their own communities. In order to achieve this, the organization is launching a local tourism campaign developed in partnership with FF Los Angeles (the creative agency founded by Fred & Farid) that reimagines how vintage tourism posters from across the globe would look under today's climate change realities. 

Over the past two decades, the growing impact of climate change has become undeniable to both seasoned scientists as well as casual observers. The intensification of fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts can all be tied back to the warming of both the air and ocean. These new realities can have an astounding array of consequences for billions of people around the globe, as well as harm the planet’s biodiversity. Humanity’s future existence likely hinges on our ability to take action to address climate change, and Fridays for Future hopes that awareness of the local impact will drive people to make change.

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ONE NOTE PRELUDE composition, a project developed with FF Los Angeles (creative agency founded by Fred & Farid, is a pioneering project that brings together a renowned Jazz composer and advanced robotics to create a performance. When two LOUIS XIII cognac glasses are clinked together to make a toast, they produce a very specific sound – a clear, extended G-sharp note. ONE NOTE PRELUDE composition explores the multi-faceted nature of this distinctive sound with a specially commissioned piece of music written by the Paris-based Israeli pianist Yaron Herman, who composed a one-note symphony using only G-sharp. 

“The symphony has a complex simplicity. It’s just one note, but with many dimensions – and many revelations. The idea that one note, like one drop of LOUIS XIII, can evolve over time and reveal itself was something that I found fascinating” says Yaron Herman.

One note, as a drop, offering many dimensions and revelations 

“This offers a perfect parallel for the long-lasting flavour of a single drop of LOUIS XIII cognac, which lasts for up to one hour on the palate” adds Ludovic du Plessis, LOUIS XIII Global Executive Director. The one-of-a-kind piece written by Yaron Herman begins with a single piano note, which cleverly draws you in. The piano is then joined by a string quartet playing the same note, but at different octaves and using contrasting rhythms, the individual instruments adding texture, structure and harmony to the composition. A violin provides the main melody, while a second violin and a viola add colour and harmony. A cello adds a rhythmic bass line, bringing structure to the melody, which rises to a crescendo. 

As of April 2020, the unique robots’ arms will be displayed in the LOUIS XIII Boutiques first in Singapore, Beijing and Xi’an then will travel the world. 

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