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29 Ebony Road
Cape Town
South Africa
Phone: (+27) 0217131137

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Core Competencies: Full Service

Founded in: 2003

Employees: 10

The FireEngine, Creative Intelligence

29 Ebony Road
Cape Town
South Africa
Phone: (+27) 0217131137

natalie davidson

Phone: (+27) 0217131137

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About The FireEngine, Creative Intelligence


Appointed by you, to solve for you. Specialists who draw on the know-how of other specialists, all
working together. Adaptive, efficient and as big - or as small - as you need it to be.
It’s not a new agency.
It’s what’s next.
The Fire Engine 

There’s nothing new about how creative solutions are engineered. You can call it something great and you can present it in a really nifty way. But when it comes down to it, it’s the same-old: there’s a problem that needs solving - and you keep trying until you solve it. We’re no different, here - we want to help solve your problems. Where we are different is in the breadth of effort to solve that problem.
Our system of specialists and co-creators allows us to draw on an exponentially larger amount of expertise -
trying and experimenting as we go - until we arrive at a really unique solution. It’s just order enough to not get in the way. And we like it that way. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages


We believe in solving practically by combining logic and magic. Where there’s freedom to pursue a creative idea or concept, but with mindfulness to its realities. It’s exploration with a bit of limitation. It’s what we call creative intelligence. It’s what allows us to naturally expand the specialists and co-creators that are needed to solve a brief - whatever it might be - precisely because it’s within reason. We feel it’s the answer to a world fixated with the question of what’s next.
It’s why we don’t call ourselves an agency.
And we believe it’s how creative business should be done from now on. 

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