TitleShield against cancer
Campaign Shield against cancer
Advertiser FUCA/Racing/Martinez/KAPPA
Brand FUCA/Racing/Martinez/KAPPA
Date of First Broadcast/Publication 2023 / 1
Business Sector Institutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org.
Story We have spent 4 weeks modifying the logo of one of the most important soccer clubs in Argentina, Racing Club. It´s modified shield has been published in their social media contents, profile pictures and even press around the world. Racing´s shield presented a slight bulge that went unnoticed in the first days, as it usually happens with testicular cancer. As the days went by, the bulge in the logo grew larger, until the first wake-up call appeared. We let the conversation grow, until the fourth week when Juan Ramón Fleita, Racing idol and cancer survivor, revealed the mistery behind the bulge and explained that it was an awareness campaign about testicular cancer. In terms of results, after 25 days of campaign and 456 edited photos in real time during the course of 6 games, we reached +72 million organic users, +4 million social media interactions and a huge media coverage in Argentina and around the world; but most important, we increased testicular cancer mentions in our country by +594%.
Media Type Case Study
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