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Hotel Elephant 2 Spare Street Elephant and Castle SE17 3EP
United Kingdom

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Founded in: 2017

The Elephant Room

Hotel Elephant 2 Spare Street Elephant and Castle SE17 3EP
United Kingdom

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About The Elephant Room

We’re not just here to do advertising. We’re here to change advertising.

You see, we don’t believe that creative companies should simply pay lip service to diversity.

We believe that creativity IS diversity.

The freshest creative solutions come from fresh perspectives. And you only get that when collaborating with talent from different backgrounds, ages, influences and experiences.

Today, most agencies are less diverse than the client companies they serve.

We believe that to be a hard-wired disadvantage.

That’s the elephant in the room. And we’re here to change all that. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

We believe that every great piece of creative should be rooted in authentic and real insight. For us, insight isn’t just about research or analysis of communities from a safe distance. It’s about being able to immerse yourself in the lives of others and understand them from multiple viewpoints.

Our unique ability to understand the nuance of cultural meaning allows us to apply a multi-dimensional lens on our analysis of people, communities, cultural trends, attitudes and category shifts. We translate this insight for brands, allowing them to see beyond their own peripheral. 

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