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東京都新宿区 新宿二丁目13番10号 27号室
Tokyo 160-0022
Phone: (+81) 07040792118

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Core Competencies: Digital, Marketing/Creative Services, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Strategy and Planning

Founded in: 2015

Employees: 5


東京都新宿区 新宿二丁目13番10号 27号室
Tokyo 160-0022
Phone: (+81) 07040792118

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About the Agency HellYeah!

HellYeah! is a creative marketing agency in Tokyo that specialises in NeuroMarketing.

We bring brands and customers together with emotions. 

In details, we specialise in researching and developing creative strategies for brands by using psychology, emotional research and brain scanning to appeal to customer’s emotions. In result we build strong relationships between brands and customers. At our core we provide 3 main services

• NeuroResearch

• Creative Strategy

• Execution & Marketing


English, Japanese, Polish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Authenticity and emotional connection are critical in building meaningful relationships based on trust and intimacy. In times when emotions act currency, the real power of your brand is truth and respect.

With psychology and research into human behaviour specific to each product, service or brand, we deliver solutions for communications, media strategies and more. Those solutions aim is to trigger positive emotions in customers in order to build long term relationships with brands.

Applied neuroscience is the use of neuroscience tools and insights to measure and understand human behavior. Capturing real data on decision making as it relates to a given situation is a key benefit of Neuromarketing. In result, brands are able to access data about critical moments of decision making and make choices with great confidence.

For that reason we are conducting research and build creative strategies for brands, using Psychology and Neuromarketing to appeal to customer’s emotions. Our in-depth knowledge of culture and human behaviour, gives us a unique angle to deliver authentic solutions for our clients and build long term relationships. 

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