Charleston, United States

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913 Bowman Road
Charleston South Carolina 29464
United States
Phone: (+1) 843-631-4587

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913 Bowman Road
Charleston South Carolina 29464
United States
Phone: (+1) 843-631-4587

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About Levelwing

Levelwing is a leading independent digital marketing agency specializing in media, analytics, creative and social. We were founded in NYC in 2002. Today, our corporate office is based in the fifth fastest growing city in America - Charleston, SC with satellite locations in New York City and San Francisco.

We operate our business with three core principles at the forefront of all we do - Fundamentals, Transparency and Setting Expectations. These core principles help us thrive, create intentional strategy, improve brands and drive revenue. Simply put, we help marketers be better marketers.

We are pleased to service both B2C and B2B brand clients across the globe (North America, South America, Europe an Asia) including campaigns during the last 12 consecutive Super Bowls and the past 2 Olympics Games. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Many agencies do great work and equally many provide similar services. However, to understand what we feel truly makes us different you should consider our core principles. We’ve made an intentional decision to build Levelwing around three core principles that we feel our industry at large fails to achieve daily. 

Fundamentals, Transparency, Expectations


“Doing the common things in an uncommon way.”

And without reservation, we are committed to doing these better than any partner you will have ever experienced. The results from this are outstanding performance, tremendous insight and offering you the ability to have confidence in your partner while freeing your time to think strategically about your business. 

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