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403, Ready Money Terrace, 167, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli Naka

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403, Ready Money Terrace, 167, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli Naka

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Founded by Shrey Doshi in 2013, Yellow is a holistic branding and digital marketing agency that believes in superior quality and seamless execution. Shrey has spent time in this industry for many years before embarking on this new venture and has worked on a multitude of brands like Metro Shoes, Castrol, Asian Paints amongst many. A brand, like a person, is not singular. It has many facets and, therefore, many stories to tell. Rather than focusing on a single core message that talks to one audience in large-scale media, Yellow involves creating many stories in custom fashion for many groups, however niche – from pop culture to Internet culture to subcultures. This system is connected through a brand belief, ethos or organizing principle that is clear, yet flexible. At Yellow, we breathe life into the brands that partner with us. Our work consistently attracts, engages and possesses a strong recall value, which is why we create endearing partnerships with our client pool. We use a contemporary graphic design language which often draws inspiration from the visual, expansive and all-inclusive culture of India and sets it apart from the crowd. Reach out to us and witness firsthand how we create brand identity and distinction.
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